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   Chapter 773 Charles Takes Revenge On Leila

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Charles told Arthur about Shirley and Charlie going missing. He was confused about how everything went down, but he continued his story anyway. "I've been looking for the other kid and waiting for any news about him. I never thought Leila would work with Ferry. By the time that I realized that Charlie may be the kid I've been looking for and started planning for him and Sheryl to get their DNA tested, Charlie and Shirley went missing."

Charles breathed deeply, running his hand over his face. "Sher isn't feeling well. She shouldn't be alone right now."

"Don't worry about it. We can take care of Sheryl for you." Arthur patted him on the shoulder, offering comfort. "For now, just focus on looking for the kids. That's what's most important right now," he instructed.

His face dimmed in worry as he continued, "If what you've said is all true, the kids will be in great danger. We should focus all our resources into finding them. Don't worry about Sher. We're here for her."

"Okay." Charles felt a little better and nodded. "I feel more reassured knowing that you and Grandma will take care of her."

"I'll just say goodbye to Sher," Charles said as he stood up and walked towards Sheryl's room.

Abby was keeping Sheryl company. When the door opened, she looked at Charles with regretful eyes. She was filled with regret, thinking that this never would have happened if her husband didn't keep a secret for Anthony.

Charles was oblivious of Abby's guilt. All he saw was Sheryl, tucked into bed, refusing to look at him. He walked towards her and whispered, "Sher, just get some rest, okay? I promise, I'll find the kids and bring them home."

Sheryl remained still, refusing to face Charles. To be honest, she felt so reluctant to talk to him.

She knew he wasn't responsible for what happened. But they were there when the kids went missing, and they weren't able to do anything. No matter how she saw it, she couldn't help but

and your men. I don't care how much it costs."

Hugo shook his head. "For Andy, I will spare nothing to help you. Keep your money." Charles looked at him in confusion, prompting Hugo to explain. He patted Andy's shoulder and said, "He saved my life once. I owe him. This is my payment."

Hugo instructed his men to go to the south of the city. They were to find Leila at all cost.

In the hospital, an unexpected visitor came to Sheryl's ward.

Sheryl was surprised to see Holley. She struggled to get up, managing to sit on the bed. "Miss Ye, what brings you here?"

Holley walked up to her, gently helping her to lie down. "Just lie down. You need to rest," she said.

Sheryl was still very weak so she succumbed. "What are you doing here?" she repeated.

Holley smiled and answered, "I heard what happened to you. I came to see if you were alright."

She placed the fruit basket she bought for Sheryl on the bedside drawer. She sighed deeply before speaking, "I heard what happened. I'm so sorry."

Sheryl tried to keep a strong face, but as soon as the words were out of Holley's mouth, she began to cry. Tears streamed down her cheeks at an endless moment, when she thought about what dangers Shirley might be facing. She thought about Charlie as well. They were both just kids.

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