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   Chapter 772 To Atone For What He Had Done

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"What! What's going on? What on earth are you saying?" Abby inquired in a shocked and disbelieving voice. She completely froze where she was standing when she heard Andy's news. Apparently, Shirley and Charlie were missing.

"Both of them? Missing? How? Why? Did they search for them everywhere?" She couldn't believe her ears and found it hard to accept the news. She fell on the sofa in fear on seeing Andy nod his head. She was frightened out of her wits and her body and mind were not cooperating with her. Dumbly she asked, "What... what should we do now? Shall we go to Sheryl. Oh my god, she must be mad with worry."

"Abby, you just stay at home. I'll go and help them look for the kids," Andy took charge and replied in a forceful tone. He had wronged Abby and her family earlier. Now it was time for him to make up for his past behavior.

Abby wanted to go with him. But he didn't allow her to do so. There were two old persons in the house who needed her care. It was already very late and he did not want the two elders to worry.

Abby was upset at this arrangement and said sarcastically, "If you really cared so much about them, you would not have dared commit all your past misdeeds."

"I know. I accept it. I am at fault," he admitted and smiled wryly. He was left with no choice but say gently, "What has happened is over and done with. Please don't make me feel more guilty. I am already miserable about it. I am leaving now. You sleep on time and don't wait up for me."

Although Abby went to bed, she just could not fall asleep. She kept tossing and turning as a million negative thoughts kept racing through her head. She waited anxiously for Andy to return. It was nearly dawn when he finally came back home.

She hastily went over to him and asked, "Have the children been found?"

Andy helplessly shook his head. With a tired look he replied, "Leila has taken them away. So far there is no trace of them. Nobody has found them."

"What about Sher? How is she holding up?" Abby hurriedly asked.

Andy shook his head slightly. "She is not good."

Shirley's autism had already left Sheryl heartbroken. Now with Shirley's missing, Sheryl had completely broken down. He had seen Charles so worried that his eyes were red with unshed tears, while Sheryl cried herself hoarse.

After midnight Sheryl was so overcome by despair that she fell unconscious.

Poor Charles had to rush her to the hospital. He also could not call off the search for both

to experience so much trauma at such a young age left her torn with grief.

She agonized that she was definitely an unfit mother.

"You need to eat something…" Charles continued to persuade her to eat. But Sheryl just ignored his words. The door opened. Abby, Arthur and Amy came in. Charles moved aside awkwardly to let them come to Sheryl's bedside.

"Grandma, Grandpa!" Upon seeing her family, she couldn't hold back her tears. Amy put an arm around Sheryl and hugged as she also cried. Arthur finally intervened and said, "That's enough. Stop crying both of you."

He stared at Amy and said, "You came here to take care of Sher and be her strength, so get a grip on yourself."

Abby also reasoned with her, "Mom, Sher has regained consciousness. If she continues crying, she will faint again."

Amy, with some effort, stopped crying and reassured Sheryl, "Sher, don't cry dear. All will be fine. I have bought some hot chicken soup for you. Just have a little bit. Only if you are healthy, you will have enough energy to look after Shirley when she is back, right?"

Amy's gentle coaxing and nagging induced Sheryl to eat some of the soup.

Charles' expression softened when he saw Sheryl eat.

Arthur walked over to Charles and said, "Charles, I want to talk to you. Can we step outside?"

Charles looked lovingly at Sheryl and then followed Arthur out.

They headed for a secluded corner. Charles instantly said, "Grandpa, I promise you I will find the children and bring them back."

"I know you will," Arthur nodded. "I want to know what exactly happened. How on earth could someone just kidnap two small children so easily?"

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