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   Chapter 770 A Strange Dream

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Sheryl and Isla burst into joyous laughter even as tears streamed down their faces. They lovingly blamed each other for their happy tears.

Recovering, they immediately began to catch up on all the news with each other. Looking at Shirley, who had been very silent throughout, Isla asked worriedly, "Sheryl, I have heard all that happened with Anthony and how Shirley has been affected by that. Are you okay?"

Sheryl answered her with a bitter smile, "I do not have the luxury of analyzing my emotions. I do not care about how I feel now. Shirley is way more important and life goes on."

Glancing at Shirley, she continued, "Moreover, I believe the situation is going to get better soon. Shirley is undergoing treatment under a good doctor."

"Sure, things will definitely improve," Isla agreed. "If you need any help, do not hesitate to ask me. I am always here for you."

"I know you love me and will always help me." Sheryl smiled back and said, "How can I hide anything from you? You will be the first to know if anything comes up."

She then brought the topic back to Isla. "How are you? How have you been doing all these years? Is everything fine with Aron?"

"I am fine and doing well," Isla replied with a feigned smile. Sheryl immediately sensed bitterness behind the smile as she had known Isla for many years. She persisted, "You don't look like you are fine. What is the matter, Isla? Is it Aron? Is there some tension with him?"

Staring at Aron who was playing with the children, she continued, "If he ever dares bully you, you must let me know. I will handle him."

"Sheryl, what are you talking about?" Isla replied. It was then that she truly felt that her reckless friend was back.

"If that is not the case, then what is the matter with you? What has happened?" Sheryl was insistent. "Why don't you come clean with whatever is troubling you. I can't bear your unhappiness."

"I am upset on account of Colin," Isla replied helplessly. Sheryl remembered that Colin was a family member of Aron's uncle. She had met him in the past. Frowning i

only a few hours there. I'm still not ready for work."

"Okay." Isla nodded. She understood that Sheryl was just getting adjusted and would need more time to come to terms with everything that was transpiring.

Sheryl was also worried for she had just signed a contract with George's company. They might not let her go so easily.

After dinner, Isla handed Sheryl over to Charles and said, "I'll leave Sher to you. You must make sure that she gets home safe and sound. Alright?"

"Rest assured." Charles replied with a smile, "Take care of yourself and reach home safe."

As they looked down, they saw Amanda holding Charlie's hand, reluctant to let go. She spoke to Charlie in a tearful voice, "Charlie, I will miss you. I don't want to leave you and go."

This scene upset Aron deeply. He wondered if he would be able to accept it when his daughter fell in love when she became older. He would definitely break down, wouldn't he?

After seeing their friends off, Charles and Sheryl didn't return home but took a walk in a nearby park.

The two kids were walking hand in hand in the middle, while Charles and Sheryl were on either side of them. It was a pleasant summer evening and many people were walking around or sitting on the benches.

Sheryl thought of her strange dream just then, so she asked Charles, "Charles, how old is Charlie now? When is his birthday?"

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