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   Chapter 769 It Is Worth A Try

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Sue smiled politely and replied, "I may not come from an influential family, but at least I truly love him. I think you know well that I love Anthony very much."

"I know. I can see that." Laura nodded slightly and added, "Although the family background is an important criterion for me in choosing my son's future wife, I find being kindhearted as the most essential character that the girl should have to listen to my son wholeheartedly."

"I promise to do it, Aunt Laura." Sue continued persuading Laura with a smile, "Aunt Laura, I admit I have less edge as a candidate for Anthony's future wife. But I know him for a longer time compared with the other girls so I can understand him more. And..."

She paused for a while and then continued, "I am the only woman who can help him ease the pain he got from his relationship with Sheryl."

"What do you mean?" Laura frowned upon hearing Sheryl's name.

"I think you are aware that I have a special relationship with Anthony." The only purpose Sue came to Laura was to make her approve her date with Anthony so she could reveal their special relationship.

"Yes." Laura nodded in agreement. She already knew that Sue and Anthony had lived together. "Of course I know that. I'm not young and dumb after all."

"Aunt Laura, I think I should tell you something more honestly." Sue heaved a deep sigh and added, "You know about Anthony's deep feelings towards Sheryl, right? He must have argued with you a lot for Sheryl's sake."

"What do you mean?" Laura asked her in a serious tone.

"Don't get me wrong. I don't mean anything." With a smile on her face, Sue continued, "Anthony was displeased with you as you were too harsh with Sheryl before. If you continue to intervene in his personal life, I'm afraid your relationship with him will get worse."

Having some thought of what to say next, she continued, "If you allow Anthony to be with me, I will help you resolve your

tely and opened the door of the private room. Then she spotted Sheryl and Shirley.

Isla ran to give her a huge hug. She didn't say anything but began crying.

"Don't cry, sweetie." Sheryl refrained her emotion and patted Isla's back to console her.

Isla pacified her mood and told Sheryl, "You are finally back."

She actually returned with all her memories.

Wiping her tears, Isla said, "I have managed your company for a long time, so when will I receive my salary?"

Sheryl stared into Isla and burst into laughter as she heard her joking words. With that, the atmosphere in the room got lighter and more pleasant.

Sheryl chided her lovingly, "I just came back and the first thing you do is asking for my money. Is that the right thing to do? You really hurt my feelings."

Isla replied in a teasing tone, "That's your punishment for leaving us for so long."

"Fine. I'll try my best to make amends to you," Sheryl answered Isla. She suddenly gripped Isla's hands tightly and said, "Isla, I miss you so much."

"Oh, that sounds so disgusting." Isla couldn't hold her emotion any long so she abruptly burst into tears upon hearing Sheryl's words.

At this moment, Aron came up and persuaded them, "Stop crying. Your weird behaviors have freaked the two kids out."

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