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   Chapter 768 Flattering

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Sue's mood improved as soon as she pictured her future with Anthony.

She knew very well that Laura didn't like her. She realized that if her vision of a future with Anthony were to become a reality, she had to get Laura out of her way first.

She didn't want a repeat of Sheryl's sorry story, who had to break apart from Anthony due to Laura's vicious and unnecessary interference.

With these thoughts playing in her mind, Sue went into action. She went to the mall and bought many gifts of perfume, wine and tonics for Laura. Loaded with multiple gift bags and packets, she went to Anthony's house.

She rang the bell and waited on the doorstep. Soon Laura opened the door. Her face turned dark the moment she saw Sue. She asked nastily, "Why are you here? Anthony is not at home. Go away."

"Aunt Laura, nice to meet you. I have come to visit you, not Anthony," Sue replied with a big grin. "Last time I did not get the chance to introduce myself properly to you. My name is Sue Wang and I am a good friend of Anthony."

Laura was in a really bad mood. She was in no mood to be cordial with Sue. Raising her eyebrows, she replied impatiently, "Okay, I see. You are Sue. Is there anything else? Excuse me, I am busy."

Noticing that Laura was about to shut the door on her face, Sue stopped her in a rush. "Aunt Laura, I am here to meet you only. Can I have a small talk with you?"

"To meet me?" Laura replied with a sneer, "I know exactly why you are here.

You like Anthony, right? As I am his mother, you are here to convince me to give my way!"

Laura pointed out her true agenda right to her face. Sue was highly embarrassed at this blunt and rude manner of talking. However, she steered herself and said sweetly to Laura, "Aunt Laura, it is because of your upbringing that Anthony has become such a great person. It is not surprising that all we girls fall for him."

"Of course, I know that I have brought up my handsome son extremely well," Laura preened in delight.

"Aunt Laura, I have bought you some presents. There are some nice shops on my way here and I could not resist shopping for you. Please accept them and let me know if you like them or not. You see, I don't know your tastes still. If you continue to live in Y City in the future, I can take you shopping at all the good stores. I know all the shops where they sell the latest products at bargain prices," Sue continued in a flattering manner.

Laura g

decided to lie.

"I am from Y City." Sue forced a smile and continued, "My parents died in a car accident when I was very young. I am alone with no family. I have worked overseas in the past few years. I have earned enough to sustain myself and have even saved some money though I did not make a fortune."

Sue wanted to hint to Laura that she was not chasing Anthony for his money.

"Really?" Laura looked at Sue skeptically and replied, "You must have suffered a lot. Surviving on your own and earning a living to become who you are today, things must have been really hard for you."

Sue put a big grin on her face. "It is all in the past. I don't dwell on it but have moved on."

Laura glanced at Sue once again. With no family to support her, Sue was in no way comparable to Sheryl in terms of family background. However, she was not an unwed mother like Sheryl and did not have a child to look after at least.

Nevertheless, she was still not keen that a girl like this become part of her family.

"Sue, I understand why you wanted to see me today." Laura said, "But you know, I am very strict and particular about my future daughter-in-law. My standards are very high and I will not accept just any girl on the street for my son."

"I fully understand, Aunt Laura." Sue smiled. She was well prepared for Laura's resistance. Therefore, she was in no hurry and continued to butter Laura up, "Anthony is the most fantastic and outstanding person I have ever seen. If I were his mother, I would also take my time to take a decision about his future bride. I know that as his mother, you only want the best for him."

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