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   Chapter 767 I Promise You

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Sheryl realized she had not been to the company for a long while. She didn't try to make small talk with Sue, and the elevator ride felt endless.

Sue stood behind her in the left, and stayed noticeably quiet. Sheryl could tell she had something to say. Before she could step out of the lift with her daughter, Sue's voice stopped them. "Sheryl!" It came out a bit louder than Sue wanted. "Are you… Are you free right now?" Her voice was uncertain. "I want to talk to you… if that's okay."

Sheryl sighed. She was tired, having just dealt with Anthony the day before. Now, she had to deal with another one who brought her trouble. She looked back at Sue for a moment, not very willing to speak to her, but she knew that she would have to do so, sooner or later.

She crouched down until she and Shirley were eye level. "I need to have a chat with Sue. Would you mind wait a little while?"

Shirley didn't seem happy about having to wait, but she listened to her mother anyway.

They headed towards a cafe in silence. It was still morning, so not many people were around, and they easily found themselves a table. After their orders arrived, Shirley busied herself with her cake, not paying any mind to the other two. Sue noticed how different she behaved from before, and voiced it out, "Sheryl, how is Shirley? She seems..." Sue didn't quite know how to word it.

"She has autism," Sheryl explained with a wry smile. "She's getting treatment now."

The news had Sue stunned. "What? What happened? How did she end up like this?"

Sheryl just looked at her daughter, and didn't respond. She didn't want to bring up the reason why. The words describing that night might trigger something bad in the young girl.

Understanding Sheryl's lack of response, Sue didn't prod any further. She knew that it was a troubling time for the woman, and she didn't want to add to her burdens. At that time, though, she had no choice but to face Sheryl directly.

Sue wanted to be sure that Sheryl had already broken up with Anthony or not.

"Mimi, just ask what you need to ask. I'll answer whatever I can." Sheryl wanted to get it over and done with, so she had to get rid of Sue's hesitation. It did nothing to make Sue speak faster, though, so Sheryl sighed in frustration. "Look, I have other things to do, so please be quick about it," she urged her on.

She looked at Sue curiously as the other smiled dryly.

"So… I ask that you not to see him from now on. Whenever you appear in front of him he just… he'll do anything to have you, I know it. I can only win his affections if he's able to move on from you. You get what I mean, right?"

The request made Sheryl raise a brow. She never would've expected Sue to go through all this just to have her promise such a thing. "You really asked me here just to make sure I stay away from Anthony?"

It was true, but it left Sue embarrassed. She nodded anyway. "I know it sounds unreasonable, ridiculous, even." She looked up at Sheryl in earnest. "But this is all I can do, Sheryl. Could you grant me this request, as an old friend?"

Sheryl's expression hardened as she stared at Sue. "If this is really what you ask of me, then I'll promise you."

Sue began to smile, but Sheryl abruptly stood up and took Shirley's hand.

"If that's all you have to say, I'm leaving." As she walked away from the table, she heard Sue murmuring soft apologies, but Sheryl did not let herself look back at the woman.

After all that had happened, she knew that she could not move on from all the drama without letting go of Sue and Anthony. She was sure that her life would be peaceful if they both left her alone.

Sue, on the other hand, felt terrible. Watching Sheryl walk away made the tears finally stream down her cheeks. She could not quite accept that their friendship was ruined over a man. She got what she wanted, but let go of so much more. She smiled wryly as she sobbed.

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