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   Chapter 766 Embarrassing Moment In Elevator

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Sheryl's words dumbfounded Anthony. He had never expected to be confronted by her in this manner.

As Sheryl spoke to him, he realized that he had lost the last hope to be with Sheryl after he had slept with Sue.

"You... you know it?" he stammered. He withdrew his hand and lowered his eyes to avoid looking straight into Sheryl's eyes.

"I'm not stupid Anthony." Sheryl said in a mockingly tone, "The last two times you stayed in her home overnight could be regarded as accidents. But this time you have stayed for so many days. It's impossible that you have done nothing. Anthony, I don't blame you for betraying me. I have no regrets. Now that you have chosen to be with Sue, you should treat her with all your heart. Sue is different from other girls. She went through many hardships and I hope you will be good to her."

"So you don't care even a bit about me, right?" Anthony's lips curved into a bitter smile. He felt so heartbroken as he saw Sheryl had no regrets and she could give him up to Sue without hesitation.

Sheryl gave out a sarcastic laugh and said, "Anthony, it doesn't make sense anymore... to care about that. Did you even care about it before sleeping with Sue?" Sheryl looked straight into his eyes. Anthony lowered his eyes once again to avoid eye contact with her. There was silence between them for a while and then she spoke, "I will take my leave now. Take care of yourself."

Sue used to be her best friend and had been single for a long time. As Sue had been a strong support for Sheryl in the past three years, even Sheryl had seen Sue through all her hardships. And she was also aware that Sue had a soft corner for Anthony. She really wished that Sue had a good live.

Now that Sue and Anthony were together, Sheryl thought she should be happy for her.

But then, she suddenly realized she didn't really know Anthony at all. 'So would Sue be happy with him? Will Anthony give her the kind of love she deserves?' she wondered.

Then she quickly tried to shrug off the thoughts of Anthony and Sue. That was none of her business and besides, she had to focus on Shirley at the moment till the time she became her normal self once again.

She walked up to Shirley, took her in her arms and proceeded towards home. Nancy had been waiting for her for a long time. The moment, she saw Sheryl carrying Shirley, she walked up to her hastily and said with concern, "Sher, where have you been? You gave me a call one hour back stating that you were on your way. What took you so long?"

Nancy to

e are so strikingly identical in their features."

Nancy gave a smile and added, "People who don't know them might consider them to be twin brother and sister."

Hearing this Sheryl became unmindful for a while and carelessly dropped her chopsticks on the ground. She felt her instincts trying to tell her something but she couldn't get it clearly.

"What happened? Is it too hot?" Nancy asked with concern. Nancy glanced at Sheryl as she watched her pick up the chopsticks from the ground.

"I'm fine." Sheryl gave a reluctant smile and pretended to be comfortable. But deep inside, she was growing more and more restless.

After the breakfast, Shirley pulled Sheryl's sleeve to urge her to leave home with her.

Sheryl was scheduled to meet Isla for dinner. She planned to pick a gift for her daughter Amanda as she took a stroll around the neighborhood with Shirley. She was excited to meet Isla.

She hadn't seen Isla for three years. So many things had changed in these three years. Isla had become a mother. When they had met for the last time, Isla was a newly wed bride. She would be meeting her with her daughter.

The elevator door was about closed as she arrived. She yelled out for it to be stopped. The elevator stopped. As the door opened and Sheryl just took a step inside, she saw Sue standing inside the elevator.

Sheryl stood still. She was outside the elevator while Sue was inside. Both of them, once such close friends, did not know what to say. Both of them felt so embarrassed.

Finally Sheryl spoke first, "Are you going out?"

"Yes." Sue nodded slightly and said to Sheryl, "My foot has completely recovered now. It's time to go back to work."

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