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   Chapter 763 Another Child

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Amy and Arthur began to realize the change in the atmosphere, so Amy tried to ease the tension. She gave them a rigid smile and said, "Come on, don't be so serious, and take it easy, okay?"

Andy looked at them. "Dad, Mom, Abby had nothing to do with this. It was all on me. It was all my fault," he explained.

Arthur frowned and interrupted Andy. "Enough! I don't care whose fault it was, I just want to know the truth and what it has to do with Sheryl. Tell me about it."

Andy struggled with himself on whether he should tell them. But after a while, he decided to tell them what had happened three years ago. Amy and Arthur were shocked to hear the story of how Andy had concealed the fact that Sheryl was still alive because of the deal between him and Anthony.

Andy tearfully looked at the two of them. "Dad, Mom, I know that you must be disappointed in me. I dare not to ask for your forgiveness, but please let me explain why I did what I did. I didn't have a choice. I did what I had to do to save my son. Back then, Sheryl insisted on concealing her whereabouts. And Anthony was so nice to her. I thought he could take good care of her. So I..."

Amy couldn't help but interrupt him, "How could he... How could he threaten you with that? I thought that he was a good man, but now I know that I was wrong."

Amy's anger was seemingly directed at Anthony. Andy was unsure, but tentatively asked anyway, "Mom, so you're not mad at me, are you?"

He looked at Arthur but couldn't tell if he was angry or not, and this made him anxious.

He continued, "Look, I know it was my fault, so whatever you say to me, I'll take it."

Abby agreed. "Look Mom, Dad. We know you're mad. Whatever you're feeling, if you're mad at us or disappointed, we understand."

Amy sighed. "Andy, yes, you did wrong. But it was for Rick. I can't just blame you for doing what you thought was right for Ri

it and we'll see what to do, okay?"

Arthur was happy indeed when he learned that he had another great-grandson.

Especially when he thought about his cute face.

But his name needed to be changed as soon as possible.

Andy felt extremely relieved, talking about the secret he had been keeping all those years. He knew Abby felt free, too. The only problem now was how to explain it to Sheryl.

Amy smiled bitterly and said, "It's fortunate that Charlie is close to Sheryl. It will be hard but at least there will be some way for her to make it up to him. How could I not have recognized that he is Sheryl's child?"

Arthur held Amy by her shoulders, trying to comfort her. "That's okay. He looks only like Charles but not Sheryl at all, so no one can make a guess who his mother is."

The secret that Andy unraveled shook the entire Zhao family. They didn't know how to react, much more, they didn't know how they would talk to Sheryl about it.

Later that evening, Sheryl came back with Shirley. When she saw Anthony waiting for her by the door, she turned around and started to walk away.

Anthony rushed up to her and said, "Sher, let's talk, okay?"

"I don't want to talk to you. Leave me alone." Sheryl continued on her way, walking past him.

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