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   Chapter 762 Confession

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Chris glanced at Sheryl and said, "I have to discuss an important matter with Grandpa. I will just go in and talk to him. Give me a few minutes and I will be back soon."

Chris then went inside looking for Gary. Sam and Sheryl were left standing in the courtyard. "Sheryl, I heard about Shirley's condition. I am happy to see her better now," Sam said politely.

Bad news travelled fast. A bitter expression descended on her face.

Sam noticed her expression and explained, "I did not mean to offend you. I just wanted to tell you that you can ask for my help if needed."

"Thank you, Sam. That is kind of you," Sheryl said in a mild tone.

Sam was amazed. He could tell that Sheryl's attitude was different towards him. He looked at her face and stammered, "You... You have..."

"Yes, my memory has come back." Sheryl delivered this news to him with a smile. "How time flies! Sam, you are also a father now. Many congratulations!"

"Your memory has really come back, right? Oh, that is the best news I have heard in a long time." Sam hugged her immediately in rapture. "Sheryl, I have been praying for this miracle for a long time. Oh God! I am so happy," he said.

Sam embraced her so tightly, like he was afraid that she would go missing once again if he released her. He asked Sheryl nervously, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? Do you know I was so worried about you?"

Sheryl said with a laugh, "I know Sam, I know."

Then she patted Sam's back and teased, "Release me now or Chris will be very jealous if she sees this."

Sam's sad look vanished. He released Sheryl immediately and glanced at her laughing loudly. He said, "Haha! You still remember that Chris was always jealous when she saw you with me back then."

"Of course. That is one of my clearest memories," Sheryl teased with a smile.

She felt relaxed in Sam's company and was comforted by the warmth he displayed to her.

Soon, Chris came running out. Gary had told her that Sheryl had recovered her memory. She saw them talking and laughing and she ran and hugged Sheryl immediately.

With tears in her eyes, she dramatically asked Sheryl, "Why didn't you tell me all this? I missed you so much. Oh, I am the happiest person alive today!"

Sheryl looked at Chris with soft eyes and consoled, "Chris, stop crying f

I will do as I said."

He gripped Abby's hand lovingly and said, "Let's go find Mom and Dad now. I want to reveal the whole story in their presence. They have a right to know."

Abby felt somewhat reassured when she heard Andy's words. When they reached her parents' house they found Amy cooking and Arthur talking to a doctor on the phone. He was discussing various treatment options for Shirley.

Abby was embarassed as she called them to the living room. "Mom and Dad, please come and sit here. Andy and I want to tell you something."

"Abby, what has happened dear? Why are you looking so serious? You are looking very anxious too." Amy frowned as she sensed something deep was going to be discussed. She instantly assumed the worst seeing their upset faces.

"Mom, it is about Sheryl. Andy and I are fine. It is not about us." Abby looked at her parents with shameful eyes and they were both surprised to hear their daughter's words.

Arthur and Amy exchanged a glance. Then Amy took charge. She glanced at Andy and Abby and said, "Just sit down first. Have you both eaten? We can eat first and then talk."

"No, thanks. We are fine and just want to talk to you both. Andy has something to say," Abby answered for her husband. As Andy's wife she felt obliged to face the aftermath of his confession. Though she herself would be hearing about it for the first time and had no part to play in it, she somehow felt guilty.

She would bear the consequences with Andy no matter what punishment her parents chose to give him.

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