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   Chapter 761 Come Back

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Sheryl smiled and told Shirley, "Alright then, how about this? You be a good girl and have your breakfast. Once you finish it, I'll take you to meet a very pretty older sister. Be nice to her and answer all her questions. After that, I'll take you to play with Charlie. Okay?"

Her eyes lighting up, Shirley nodded in agreement.

Sheryl was deeply moved to see that Shirley was willing to listen to her with an open mind.

After breakfast, Sheryl took Shirley to a psychologist. She was fairly young yet Sheryl trusted her as she was recommended by Arthur.

Sheryl waited by the door after leading Shirley to the treatment room.

She was quite curious about what was happening inside, but she had no choice but to wait quietly outside.

The entire session lasted for one and a half hour. When the psychologist came out with Shirley, she squatted down to talk to Shirley, "Shirley, we made a deal, right?"

She reached out her little finger for Shirley to hold. After some hesitation, Shirley eventually reached out tentatively to hold her finger. A trace of smile appeared on her face, but quickly faded away.

Sheryl was stunned to see this.

The doctor then stood up and talked to Sheryl, "Don't be anxious. Her condition is not that critical. Take an appointment for the same time next week. Bring Shirley to me. We will treat her for one month first and see if there is any improvement."

"Doctor Lin, thank you and I am sorry for troubling you so much," Sheryl said with a sad smile.

"Please don't say that. It is my duty as a doctor to help my patients," Doctor Lin looked at Sheryl and said. "You have come on Doctor Zhao's reference. I owe my career to Doctor Zhao. If it were not for him, I would not be a doctor today. Now, it is my turn to repay his generosity."

She smiled kindly and continued, "After you go back, talk to her often and encourage her to tell you what she is thinking about. The more she talks, the better she will be able to express her emotions and to vent her negative feelings. That will help her mental well-being and help her swift recovery."

She paused and then advised further, "You need to set a good example yourself. Control your temper. No matter how bitter or distressed you feel, do not reveal it to her. You a

to water the plants. The kids were having great fun playing together and enjoying themselves. Sheryl finally saw a rare smile on Shirley's face after many days.

Nacy followed them around as she was worried that they might slip and get injured. "Oh my dear! Be careful. Don't slip and fall. You will break your bones."

"Nacy, calm down. Don't worry so much. Let them play for a while. It doesn't matter," Sheryl said as she walked up to Nacy.

Sheryl knew that Nacy was worried about the children. She smiled and offered, "I'll take care of them here. You can go and attend to your other work."

"Okay then. If it is fine with you, I can go in and prepare some food. My work is not yet complete." Nacy nodded and briskly walked into the house.

Shortly after Nacy left, Chris and Sam came. They were surprised to see her there as they didn't know that Sheryl had recovered.

"Autu..." Chris almost said but fortunately she caught herself in time and swallowed back her words. She walked to Sheryl and asked, "Miss Xia, how come you are here? Where is my brother?"

"He is at work, I think. Shirley wanted to play with Charlie, so I brought her here," Sheryl spoke in a flat tone and did not display any emotion.

Chris then noticed the two kids who were laughing away as they sprayed water on themselves and the plants. Their clothes were fully wet and muddy. She hurried to call out, "Charlie, take care of your little sister."

"I will Auntie. Don't worry," Charlie replied in his clear voice.

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