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   Chapter 760 Sheryl Won't Accept Their Apologies

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Anthony smiled bitterly. "You know I've always considered Shirley as my own daughter," he said. "I'm worried about her. I really need to know if she is okay.

It was my fault. I brought her into this. Sheryl, please. I want to make it up to her. Please let me see her."

"No." She continued, "They told me that she developed autism because of what happened that night. She has totally changed. She won't smile and refuses to talk to anyone. She stays stuck in her room, all day, by herself. I'm her mother. Do you know how hard it is for me to see her like this?"

"I know. I know," Anthony said honestly. "I know I haven't done right. But..."

Sheryl cut him off, "You have no idea what you and your mother have done to her." She took a deep breath and continued, "She was already sick that night. But..."

She pointed at Laura. "What you did here just made it worse. I'd hurt you so badly if I could."

Sheryl glared at Laura, thinking if only her blazing eyes could kill her.

However, Laura wasn't the kind of woman to take accusations in stride, so she fought back, "Don't blame me for your failed marriage or for your child's condition. Surely, why she turned out that way is completely your fault.

I had nothing to do with it, neither did Anthony." Sheryl and Arthur grew furious as they heard her words. If Arthur did not find reason and sense, he may have slapped Laura.

Seeing how angry Arthur was, Carlson dragged Laura close and slapped her without hesitation. He had never hit her since they got married, but she crossed the line, and he was having none of it.

"Will you just stop? Leave!" he raised his voice in anger.

Laura held her cheek in shock. She never thought Carlson could ever hit her.

"Did you just hit me?" The weight of Carlson's action slowly sank into her.

Carlson looked at her,

dded. He wanted to check on Sheryl before going to work. But he knew she needed to rest more than anything and simply left.

Soon after, Sheryl woke up. Sheryl had faintly heard Nancy talking to someone, but she didn't see who the person was. "Who were you talking to?" she asked Nancy.

"It was Mr. Lu. He came to see you." Nancy put the breakfast on the table and added, "He left for work while you were sleeping."

Sheryl then saw the food Nancy placed on the table, knowing that Charles had brought it.

She sighed as she looked at the food. If only this could save her from everything she had been suffering from.

She tried to eat, picking at her food. As minutes went by, she stopped, knowing the food will be sitting like lead in her stomach.

"Sorry, Nancy," she said apologetically, "I just don't have any appetite. I'm going to take Shirley to see a psychologist. I'll wake her up but can you please prepare her breakfast?"

"Of course." Nancy nodded.

Shirley still wouldn't talk to Sheryl. She just sat there and kept her eyes fixed on the toys Charlie sent her. Sheryl sat by her side and asked, "Do you miss Charlie?"

She didn't answer, but the ray of hope in her eyes somehow betrayed her.

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