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   Chapter 758 Don't Stand In Our Way

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"What has he done?" Laura asked aggressively. She stared at Carlson and then asked again, "Didn't you hear what Anthony said? He didn't do anything, yet got hit on the head with a bottle. I let it slide and didn't do anything about it, yet had the audacity to call and complain. What a joke!"

Laura's upper lip curled in disdain as she continued, "What's more, Sheryl and Anthony are dating. It is perfectly normal for them to be intimate with each other. She is definitely not a virgin and has been sexually active before. Why did she act so modest and prudish in front of Anthony, her own boyfriend?"

Laura was getting more and more worked up. She took a deep breath to calm herself down before continuing her rant. Glaring at Carlson, she informed him, "I am not going to take any more of this. They did not suffer any losses but my son has been badly injured." Turning to Anthony, she said in a softer tone, "Anthony honey, let's get you to the hospital. You need to be examined by a doctor. I'm worried about you."

She stared at her son for a few beats and said in a rush, her tone getting higher and higher, "If the doctor doesn't find anything wrong with you, then I will drop this. But if they find even the slightest hint of problems, I'm declaring war on that family. I will get even with them."

"Are you finished yet?" Carlson bellowed, unable to take it anymore. "Are you really that blindsided? Don't you realize your son was at fault?" He was determined not to let her make the situation worse. "Can you just stop putting the blame on others?" he added.

"Really, Carlson? What did he do wrong?" Laura replied sarcastically. "If Sheryl is so modest, then she shouldn't have agreed to be with Anthony in the first place. After being together for so long, now she tries to act like a pure woman. What a snake," she said, scornfully.

Laura's harsh, disrespectful words made even Anthony feel sick. He frowned and told his mother, "Mom, that's enough! I admit, this whole thing was my fault in the first place."

"Darling, don't say that. You didn't do anything wrong," Laura said insistently.

"But I..." stuttered Anthony. He stared at his mother, and was frustrated that he suddenly couldn't find the right words to say.

Carlson gave an irritated snort and interrupted, "Laura, just listen to yourself. You are going to ruin our son someday if you keep babying him like this."

He replayed the call he had received earlier and heaved a huge, helpless sigh as Arthur's words rewinded themselves in his head. It had come as a huge shock to him that his son was dating Arthur's granddaughter.

To Carlson, Arthur was not only a good friend o

mouth. He stuck his finger into Laura's face and growled, "Not another word from you starting from this very moment. Otherwise I'll be sure to make you regret it."

Laura was taken aback by her husband's words since she had never seen him like this before, so she wisely decided to stop talking.

He looked his son and said, "That's exactly why I'm here. I need to go apologize to Arthur. You were obviously in the wrong and we need to go make things right. I'm worried about the little girl too, so this will be the perfect opportunity to go check on her and see if there's anything we can do to help."

"Okay, dad. Understood." Anthony nodded his head once. He continued hesitantly, "Shall we go now, then?"

Anthony's guilt had grown to a mountain size after hearing that Shirley may have been affected. He needed to see for himself that the little girl was okay. He didn't even care how Sheryl would treat him, and at the moment all he wanted to do was see Shirley's condition. Poor, innocent Shirley!

"You're not going," said Laura firmly. She ran forward and blocked their path. "What's the point of going in unannounced like this? They may not even want to entertain you and chase you away. It is not the right time to pay them a visit."

Carlson stared at his wife incredulously and decided that was enough. He looked straight at her, letting her see the fury in his eyes. "Laura, all this while I've just let you do whatever you pleased and never stopped you from doing what you wanted. This time is different. This is a matter of principle. Anthony was in the wrong and the right thing to do is to go and apologize. You can stay here if you want, but don't try to stand in our way and stop us from going. Be reasonable for once in your life," he said coldly.

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