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   Chapter 756 He Had No Answer

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Updated: 2019-03-25 00:22

"I'm not leaving," Anthony said with furrowed brows. "Just go back. I know what I'm doing," he continued, trying to urge Laura.

While they were arguing, Laura received a call from Carlson. Yet she was shocked to hear him shouting at her over the phone, telling her that he had a flight in the afternoon and would be arriving in Y City soon.

As the call ended, Laura stared at her cell phone in shock. She wasn't even able to say a word and started doubting if the caller was actually her husband.

For years since she got married to Carlson, he has always been kind to her and never got angry with her. Today was the first time she had ever heard him get angry, much less be mad at her.

"Now, it seems neither of us need to go back. Your father said he will come here in the afternoon," Laura said. She looked at Anthony and continued, "Just get ready to pick up your father."

Anthony nodded his head slightly but retained his hardened expression. "Okay. You go ahead and just wait for me downstairs. I need to talk to Sue."

Laura nodded slightly. But she turned to him before leaving. "Make it quick. And if you truly don't love her, just let her know and break up with her. She's not worthy of you," she advised.

Anthony couldn't take his mother's mumbled opinions anymore and eventually had to resort to gently escorting her out the room. He turned to the closed bedroom door in front of him with mixed emotions.

He knocked on the door softly and called out, "Sue, can I come in?"

Anxious, he didn't wait for her to answer and just went in. He saw Sue's frail figure sitting on the bed, lost in her thoughts. While he couldn't see her expressions, he knew that she was sad.

"Don't forget to eat, okay?" he said gently. "I cooked you something. You have to eat it while it's hot." Anthony kept talking to cut through the silence.

"And you only have a few fruits left in your fridge. Don't forget to stock up.

And there's only a few pieces of your pills left. Remember to get back to the hospital to get checked so you can ask for a prescription," Anthony added, seemingly reminding her of everything he could think of.

Hearing his words, Sue couldn't help

uestion," he stammered. "I'll answer that question when I come back."

If he tried to answer now, he didn't know how much he'd mean it or even if he could answer it.

All the mixed emotions he was feeling were overwhelming him. He had so many things to do, and he needed time to figure out their relationship.

He glanced at Sue briefly and said, "I have to leave. Take care of yourself, okay?"

Anthony walked to the door in silence, stepped out, and closed the door gently. As she heard the door click, Sue couldn't help but burst into tears.

Anthony felt his heart break a little, hearing Sue cry from the other side of the door. He nearly went back in again, just to hold her, but he held back.

He went straight downstairs and out of the house. Laura was standing beside his car, waiting for him.

When Laura finally saw Anthony, she asked, "What took you so long? Was she trying to stop you from leaving?"

"Mom, can you for once stop it with your judgmental antics?" Anthony turned angry. He glanced at Laura, his eyes turned into thin slits in frustration. "You always think that every girl that has ever approached me is up to something. Why are you like this?"

"Well, they've all been terrible, haven't they?" Laura replied. "You are my son. Everything I do is for your own good. I have seen too many girls like Sue. Gold-diggers trying to find their way into rich families like ours," Laura added, her voice filled with arrogance.

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