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   Chapter 753 You Are Not Qualified

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Arthur was extremely morose as he said to Laura, "Stop your nonsense! I've told you that Sheryl has nothing to do with Anthony. What you should be doing is keeping an eye on him. Please keep him away from Sheryl, and I can assure you that Sheryl won't be seeing Anthony again..."

"Grandpa!" blurted Sheryl. She paused for a moment before she continued speaking to Arthur, "I think I know where Anthony is now."

Though Sheryl said it very plainly, Arthur looked astonished, as if he were missing something. Hearing that, Laura sneered, "Well, well, that explains everything."

"Sher, are you sure what you're talking about?" Arthur asked.

"Of course, I am," she answered. Sheryl glanced at Laura and said, "I said that I think I know where he is, it doesn't mean that I'm sure about it, it just means that he's probably there. I can take you there so you can see for yourself, but there is definitely a possibility that you still won't find him there either."

"All right, all right, I get your point," Laura said, impatiently, while not so subtly motioned for her to lead the way.

Of course, Laura didn't believe what Sheryl had said. In her mind, she was absolutely certain that Sheryl knew exactly where Anthony was, but she was just refusing to tell her.

Although she had known Sheryl was Arthur's granddaughter, she still looked down upon her, which was the exact feeling she got when she had first met her. As far as Laura was concerned, Sheryl was lying.

As they walked into the elevator, Sheryl held Shirley in her arms and she could feel her baby trembling. Sheryl gave her a warm mommy squeeze and kissed her on her squishy, round cheek, Amy looked at Shirley and said, "Poor girl, why must she go through all of this at her age? She just got out of the hospital! This is too much, for someone so young, to have to deal with already!"

Laura glanced at them, with not one shred of compassion, nothing but malice in her eyes, and sneered, "Don't be so dramatic! She's just got a little cold. Why do you have to make it such a big deal?"

She seriously thought that there was nothing very wrong with her at all.

But Junia felt very differently. Based on the way Sheryl looked at Shirley, she wore a look of undeniable fear on her face. How could a common cold be so nerve wrecking for a mother? There had to be something more. Plus, Shirley did look a little off.

Junia couldn't help herself. She just had to know the truth. So she asked Sheryl what was the real situation with Shirley.

With distain and loathing, Amy glanced at Laura and said, "Why don't you ask her and her good son about it? Can you find any young guys who..."

Arthur interrupted, "Come on, that is not an appropriate conversation to have in front of the children. Okay?"

Amy understood what he meant and respectfully stopped. Laura still sneered at i

d prayed to herself that Sheryl bought her story. But suddenly she realized that she couldn't allow her to control the conversation this way in her own home. She frowned and asked Sheryl, "What are you doing here? What is the reason for you to think it is okay to just invite so many people to come over to my place without letting me know?"

Laura looked at them with a half smile and said, "Well, well. Sheryl, I'm a little confused. You said that you would take me to see my son, but why do you bring us here?

Oh, as far as I know, your apartment is not too far from here, right? Why don't you take us to go see if he's in your room?"

"Shut up! You want to go and see if you can get to my room on your own?! Go ahead and try... I DARE you!!" Sheryl said through gritted teeth.

She took Shirley back home so as to avoid her having to be exposed to that foolishness and not being able to rest, but Laura wanted to look for her son in her apartment. How could she let Shirley be disturbed again? She was not going to let anyone, least of all, Laura, make her child couldn't get the rest she needed to recover. As a mother, it was her job to protect her kid! And damn it all, she was going to do just that. If protecting her daughter meant fighting the whole world and even dying, she would do it happily.

Everyone was shocked by what Sheryl had said, especially Sue.

Sheryl was always kind, quiet and soft. In the time she had spent as her best friend, she had never seen Sheryl like that.

"What are you talking about?" Laura was sullen. "Do you have any idea who you're talking to?"

"Is that something I should be aware of?" Sheryl turned to Laura, and in a solid, firm tone, she said, "I don't need to know who you are, you're just a nobody to me. Why don't you just stop acting like one of my elders, because you're not qualified to do so."

Hearing that, Laura froze in her tracks.

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