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   Chapter 752 Anthony Was Still Here

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"Of course," Amy retorted. Laura was fuming mad. She failed to notice the underlying meaning behind Amy's words. And in a voice full of derision, she continued to lash out, "I have known many girls like her. Girls who are ambitious enough to dream of marrying into rich families. Ha! But I'm not stupid. And I will never allow her to be a member of our family."

Then she hastily turned towards Arthur. She tried to squeeze her way past him and said, "Uncle Arthur, move aside, please. I'll teach that bitch a lesson."

"Don't you dare?" Arthur, who was enraged by the sudden outburst of Laura, stood firmly to block Laura's way. His face was emitting a strong sense of total displeasure and he said in a cold tone, "I won't let go of you if you dare lay a finger on her."

"Uncle Arthur?" Taken aback, Laura stared incredulously at Arthur. She could faintly discern that something was off and asked, "What do you mean?"

Holding Laura's bewildered expression, Arthur sneered. And he reminded her, "I've warned you yesterday to mind your son. But obviously, you paid no attention at all. You just let it slide and went too far."

Arthur, who was still looking at her with open disdain, contemptuously continued, "Don't worry. It doesn't matter if you hate, loathe or detest my Sheryl. She feels quite the same way towards your son too. We don't know where Anthony is, but if you'd find him one day, please tell him I want to talk with him!"

"Your Sheryl?" she asked unwittingly. Laura seemed to have caught up something from Arthur's words. Still dumbfounded, she asked Arthur in complete astonishment, "What do you mean? You and Sheryl... What's your relationship?"

"She is my granddaughter," he curtly replied. His voice sounded warm but with an imposing tone. Arthur, who still couldn't contain the revulsion of disgust, continued to glower at her. And he muttered, "The bitch you referred to is my granddaughter!"

"How... how can it be possible?" Laura stammered in shock. Her mind was in total mess. "Her last name is Xia, but yours is Zhao. So how can it be possible?" she asked pressing for an answer.

"It's none of your business. Suffice to say that it's something you need not know," he said cutting her words off. Arthur gave her an icy-cold stare and menacingly mouthed, "Don't be afraid that Sheryl will marry your son. He is not rich enough to suit her. If you dare speak ill of Sheryl again

to Sheryl, "Then go upstairs with Shirley. Have a rest. Let me deal with her."

Laura got impatient and look disgruntled. When she saw Amy and Sheryl making their way towards the stairs, she shouted, "Stop! Don't leave! You must give Anthony back to me, otherwise, I won't let go of you!"

Sheryl was confused about why Laura was still so arrogant even with Arthur's presence. She frowned slightly and asked her, "Why are you so sure that he is in my house?"

"It's quite obvious," Laura replied sarcastically. Laura snorted and added, "During the period that I was in the hospital, he didn't want to visit me, because of you. I went to his house earlier and he wasn't there. So where do you think I expect to find him now? Where else except in your house?"

Laura stood glaring contemptuously at Sheryl and said, "Moreover, I just saw Anthony's car at the front gate of your apartment. So he must be here!"

Laura was adamantly conclusive that her son was at Sheryl's place. Sheryl could discern from Laura's stern expression that she was warning her not to deny it.

With a slight frown creasing on Sheryl's forehead, she paused for a long while taking in for consideration all that Laura had said. She knew Anthony's car was parked outside. She thought that Anthony just left it there, and went home taking a cab. Then as she continued to deduce, a sudden realization hit her that maybe he had never gone straight home since that night.

If he was still here, then there was only one place he could go.

Sheryl put the pieces together to figure out. And she sensed that she knew where he was now.

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