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   Chapter 751 Inopportune Rendezvous

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6980

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"No!" Laura aggressively told Junia, "No matter how old he is, in my eyes, he will always be my son. His future is my responsibility and I can't watch him waste his life with such a woman. Absolutely not!"

Then, from the corner of her eye, Laura caught a glimpse of Sheryl coming in with Shirley. She rushed straight up to her and began accusing, "Sheryl Xia, you leech! Tell me! Where are you hiding my son?"

Shirley got scared at the sight of the angry woman and hid behind Sheryl. Seeing this, Sheryl clenched her fists with anger trying to control herself.

She then crouched down, holding Shirley in her arms tightly and comforting her with a soft voice, "Don't be afraid, Shirley. You're safe; mommy is here..."

Even so, the little girl was still shaking with fear.

Seeing her daughter so terrified, Sheryl almost yelled back at Laura but then bit her tongue just in time, thinking it would only scare Shirley even more.

Hiding Shirley behind her back, Sheryl addressed Laura, "I haven't hidden your son anywhere. I've already said that he and I have nothing to talk about. Please don't bother us any longer. I want nothing to do with you nor your son."

"Don't play dumb with me!" shouted Laura. With a sneer, she continued, "Anthony wouldn't just disappear like that. You're keeping him away from me."

Convinced of her deduction, she inched closer to Sheryl and went on, "You have no shame. You act as if you're separated from Anthony when, in fact, you're just trying to get rid of me. I am his mother; you have to tell me where Anthony is!"

"I already told you that I don't know where Anthony is!" Sheryl exclaimed in frustration. She didn't really care whether Laura believed her or not. She just wanted to be left in peace. She also didn't care where Anthony was either. Shirley was her only concern at that time.

Laura was scaring her and Sheryl couldn't stand seeing her daughter like that.

Eventually, she decided to hold Shirley in her arms and leave. However, Laura prompted her body in front of the elevator and would not let them pass. Annoyed,

ier, and eventually she exploded, "Stop putting on an act! If you don't let Anthony go, you will have to deal with me!"

"Who do you think you are to talk to her like that?" Amy interrupted her. She was about to teach her a lesson herself.

However, Laura immediately adopted a guilty face and pleaded, "Aunt Amy, you don't know this woman.

She is pretending to be all innocent, caring for her child while using Anthony. No good man should ever get involved with such a woman. If there were no problem with her, why would she still be single now? It's obvious she's just looking for a father for her child. She knows I'm right, so she doesn't even dare to argue against me."

Laura paused for a few seconds to let her points sink in and then went on, "Anthony was a doctor. Of course she would be all over him. He even quit his job as a doctor to be with this bitch and offered to raise her daughter. As his mother, I can't ever agree to that."

Laura directed her eyes to Amy and started persuading her, "Aunt Amy, you are a mother, too. If you were me, would you allow your son to marry such a woman? This woman is of the lowest class. An educated man like Anthony should only wed a woman of equal status."

"Equal status?" exclaimed Amy laughingly. She looked Laura straight in the eyes and then questioned her, "So, you think that you and Anthony are better than our Sheryl?"

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