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   Chapter 750 Discipline Your Son

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Junia saw Laura speak with someone she didn't know. However, by the time she had approached Laura, the man had already walked away. From the vantage point she had while walking in their direction she could only make out that he was a tall man bathed in mystery. Therefore, she couldn't help but ask, "Who was that? New friend? Old friend?"

Looking a bit annoyed, Laura quickly answered shortly, "Nobody." Laura was still angry at Arthur's attitude and in no mood to talk to Junia. Then, her eyes narrowed as she turned to Junia and demanded with a cold sneer, "Call Anthony to come here. I have something to ask him."

Laura's mind was racing. The more she thought about the things Arthur had said, the more uneasy she became. Arthur couldn't have simply made some things up. It had to have come from somewhere. There had to be a good reason. There must be something that she was missing.

After a few attempts to reach Anthony, she turned to Laura. With a cynical smile strewn across her face, Junia replied, "He still doesn't answer my calls." She said what she could to try to convince Laura to take it easy. She said, "Laura, I think it would be best if you didn't try to get in contact him just yet. You just need to focus on taking care of you and recovering. That is more important than anything else right now."

"Is he still refusing to answer your calls now?" Laura didn't expect that Anthony would still refuse to answer Junia's calls. She thought he would have calmed down after all these days. After a brief moment of awkward silence, she anxiously spoke up, "Junia, , We can't just continue to sit here and wait. Ask the doctor if I can be discharged now. I'm ready to go." Before Junia could say something, she added, "I must find him now!" Her tone was a bit more stern.

"Aunt Laura, you just have to let these things go sometimes," Junia said. "Anthony is no longer a child. He can look after himself very well. You just need to take it easy," she added.

"Cut the crap. Just go to the doctor!" Laura had an impatient and semi-aggressive tone that would not be ignored.

Junia had no choice but to go find and try to compel the doctor, as she was instructed. However, the doctor refused her request. The reason being that he wanted Laura stay in the hospital for another night for observation. But the doctor also said that, as long as all of her test results were good tomorrow, she could leave right after she got the results.

Upon returning to Laura's room, Junia then had to relay the doctor's response and recommendations to her, "Aunt Laura, what's the big deal? So you stay for another night? Whatever you want to say to Anthony, I'm sure it can wait until tomorrow. You shouldn't just leave the hospital before your doctor says it's okay because you want to have a word with him. What do you say?"

Seeing great disappointment in Laura's face, Junia added, "When you've gotten some rest like the doctor asks, your test results should be back to normal. And once that happens, I promise I will take you to see Anthony, okay?" Then, with a huge grin on her face, she added, "Plus, Anthony must still be angry. So how about we just allow him the opportunity to calm down for the whole night? As a matter of fact, giving him this time may also find him in a much more receptive mood. How does that sound?"

When Laura

ceeded to drive Sheryl and Shirley back home. Upon reaching their home, he helped them to the door before returning to his car. He only started his car and left after he saw that they were both safely tucked away in the building.

At that precise moment, Junia and Laura happened to be have been waiting for them for a long time. It was Laura who saw Anthony's car first. Then, with a sarcastic smile, she said, "You see the car, right? See I just knew he must be going there to see that bitch."

Junia tried to provide some kind of objective perspective and give Sheryl the benefit of the doubt by adding, "Isn't it possible that there is some kind of misunderstanding here? Maybe there is more going on than you know…" However, Laura, not wanting to hear anything that may have sounded like an excuse for Sheryl, insisted on dealing with her own opinion as if it were a fact. She said, "You just wait and see. I will show you what kind of person that bitch is and teach her a lesson."

But Laura's words just disgusted Junia. Whatever Sheryl had done, the Xiao family was still a decent family. Laura kept on referring to Sheryl as a bitch, which Junia felt was extremely vulgar.

"Aunt Laura, why not just let her go?" Junia creased her brows as she gently advised her. All the while, Junia kept hoping she would take her advice. "Plus, there are so many apartments here. The reality of the situation is that I don't even know which house Sheryl is living in. How could we know which one so that we choose the right room number?" Junia added.

With a sarcastic smile, Laura said, "I will wait for them to show up then, since I don't know the room number." Laura narrowed her eyes and added, "I don't believe they can stay in the house and never go out."

"Aunt Laura, do you really believe that what you are doing right now is really necessary?" Junia narrowed her brows as she completed her inquiry. "Anthony is a grown man. He knows what he should be doing and what he should steer clear of. And he can make decisions himself. You always insert yourself in his affairs like this. Eventually he is going to get tired of this and then he's going to tell you about it. Why do you take it upon yourself to do so?" Junia added.

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