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   Chapter 749 He Is Not Right For You

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Everybody was stunned, looking at Shirley's terrified expression. Much more surprised was her mother who took in her daughter's fright.

Her own daughter was so terrified of her that tears were streaming down Sheryl's cheeks. She stared at her daughter, wanting to ease her fear, and asked, "What's wrong Shirley? I'm your mom. Why don't you want me to hold you?"

But Shirley kept silent. Sheryl felt more and more disheartened seeing how her daughter reacted towards her.

Shirley buried herself into Charlie's hug. He held the young girl to reassure her. Seeing her daughter feel calmer, Sheryl felt better.

Arthur furrowed his brows and looked at the people in the room. "Now, don't just stand there. Leave. Shirley needs to be alone. Everybody gets out. Please."

He had witnessed Shirley rejecting her mother's touch. It might have been due to the psychological trauma the poor girl had suffered. All he knew was that she needed help, and he would help her get treated.

Abby led Amy by her hands and helped her out of the room. She felt guilty, seeing the sadness on Sheryl's face.

They all stood outside the door in silence. Arthur helped Sheryl out of the room. He patted her shoulder in comfort. "Don't be too worried. Actually, it's no use getting worried. Take care of yourself and prepare for everything that is about to happen. But for now, take it easy. Alright?"

"I understand, Grandpa." Sheryl lifted her head to look at him in the eyes and forced a small smile. But deep inside, she wasn't fine at all.

"I know someone who may be able to help us out. Don't worry. I will do everything I can to make sure that Shirley gets treated. I promise," Arthur swore to her.

Upon hearing Arthur's words, Sheryl felt a little more at ease and confident that Shirley would be better.

"Sher," Amy held Sheryl's hand and spoke gently. "I understand how you feel. And I may not be able to do anything now. If you ever need my help, just call me, okay? And stay away from Charles. I don't trust him," Amy said.

"Grandma Amy..." Sheryl said in disagreement.

Abby held a hand up to stop Amy from saying anything more. "Mom, this is none of our business. Sh

picable things," he continued.

"What?" Laura felt utterly puzzled with his statement. "What do you mean by that?" She was so stunned that she couldn't say anything more but ask.

"Please do me a favor and tell your son that if my great-granddaughter doesn't get better, I will teach him a lesson. You have my word," Arthur said with a hardened expression.

Laura hesitated to answer but she was still confused. "Uncle Arthur, because you're my senior, I greeted you with respect and showed care for your health. But what you're saying is simply unreasonable. How could you ever think that my son would do something terrible to a little girl? Why blame him for your great-granddaughter's illness?"

She gave an ironic smile and continued, "Would you take responsibility for what you've just said?"

Arthur narrowed his eyes and replied, "I will definitely be responsible for what I said. So just tell your son what I said, word-for-word. He'll know what I mean."

After finishing his words, Arthur didn't want to elaborate with Laura any more and directly left the hospital. And Laura was left no choice but seethe at his annoying words. However, the more Laura thought about his words, the angrier she turned.

A few minutes after her encounter with Arthur, Junia found her. Junia walked over to her in concern. "Aunt Laura, why did you leave your room again? The doctor said you need to rest. Why do you always ignore the doctor's orders?"

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