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   Chapter 748 Give Me More Time

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Andy pulled Abby intensely to the staircase which was diagonally opposite the ward. He dragged Abby so hard that she couldn't free herself and spill the beans to Sheryl. Andy closed the door of the staircase immediately. He felt relieved and involuntarily loosened his grip. Abby yelled at him with rage as she tried to pull herself free, "Release me! I can't hide the truth from Sheryl any longer. I'm stricken with guilt. I'll tell her the whole truth right away." Unknowingly, Charles was just outside the ward. Since the wall was not soundproof, Charles could still clearly make out what they were talking about despite the door being closed.

"Are you insane?" Andy exclaimed. Although Andy tried his best to fully control his voice, Charles could still hear him clearly. They didn't know he was eavesdropping.

"If you tell her the truth, I'll look like a deceitful person. Don't you realize that? Regardless of what Anthony did, he saved our son's life before. We owe him. Can't you just stand on our side and keep your mouth shut?" Andy pleaded as he persuaded her to side with him.

"Save your breath. I have made up my mind," Abby clicked her tongue in contempt. "Anthony did help Rick find a matched heart donor and I can't thank him enough for that. But we can show our gratitude to him through other means. Why do you have to do things against your conscience?"

Abby continued with a bitter smile, not allowing Andy to speak, "Didn't you hear what Sheryl has just said? You heard what that bastard did to Sheryl, didn't you? That scumbag attempted to rape Sheryl. The worst part is, Shirley was there and she was too young to witness that horrific scene. She was so scared that she got tensed up. Now, she has developed autism. Shirley is my great-niece. Now tell me, how can I stand on your side and keep my mouth shut?"

Abby's heart ached as she pictured a panic on Shirley's face. She looked at Andy who was in front of her and said with regret, "If I had told Sheryl the truth earlier, she would have known Anthony's true colors and kept a distance from him. Then all those things wouldn't have happened. Most importantly, Shirley would have been perfectly fit and well with complete happiness."

As her eyes were fixated onto him, she said to Andy with determination, "Andy, we shouldn't do things which prick our conscience. Sheryl is my niece. I can't act as if I'm a stranger or a bystander who keeps her in the dark. We should..." She became more excited as she spoke and her face turned red.

Andy cut in to stop her from blabbering and raised his voice a bit, "Abby! please listen to me." Andy lifted his hands and gently held Abby's shoulders to comfort and calm her down. He said to her insistently, "I admit that I didn't cover all the bases before I helped Anthony. But you should consider the fact that Sheryl's story might be unreal. Anthony did help save Rick. That's the thing we are absolutely sure of. Abby, I beg you, let us please stay out of this mess."

"No! I am not doing that," she shouted. Knowing that Andy still didn't budge on the issue, Abby was enraged beyond measure. She violently shook his hands off her shoulders. She clicked her tongue in despair and told Andy, "I have been married

ny's accomplice, you must know where my other child is. Am I right?" he softened his tone and anticipation could be observed in his reaction. After three years of unsuccessful search for his other child, Charles lost his hope. But now that he learned about Andy's secret, he found that there was still something to expect. His heart lifted at the thought that he might meet his other child sooner or later. He stared at Andy with a lighter mood compared to a moment ago and waited for his answer.

Andy glanced at Charles. He hesitated for a while and said, "Sorry, I can't tell you now."

He continued speaking to prevent Charles from responding, "I can only assure you that your child isn't in danger."

"What do you mean by that?" Charles asked. However, Andy kept beating around the bush. He avoided Charles' eyes and said, "Charles, give me two days. After that, I will tell you everything you want to know. But I can't do that now. Please, don't push me."

Andy turned and walked towards the ward, leaving Charles in dismay. Charles irritably stubbed his cigarette out. He tossed the cigarette into the basket angrily and went back to the ward.

Andy and Abby, with a sober look on their faces, were sitting on the other side of the bed. When Charles got inside, Abby gave him a smile with guilt, but Charles ignored her and went right past her.

Amy took Sheryl's hands and rubbed them gently and lovingly. As tears formed in her red-rimmed eyes, she said, "My baby girl, you have suffered so much at such a young age. It's unfair. It is really unfair for you."

"Grandma Amy, it's not a big deal. Don't cry. See, I'm as good as the beautiful sun." Sheryl squeezed her hands gently to comfort her. As she tilted her head, she noticed a little movement from Shirley's bed. Shirley was awake. Sheryl rushed towards her and asked affectionately and tenderly, "Shirley, how do you feel? Do you feel any better?"

When Shirley saw a bunch of people surrounding her, she panicked. Feeling uncomfortable, she instinctively leaned towards Charlie for security.

Charlie took Shirley into his arms and calmed her gently, "I got you. Don't be afraid."

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