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   Chapter 747 The Culprit

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"So... does it mean that Shirley is my sister from now on?" Charlie was clever enough to get the point.

He looked at Shirley with growing affection because she was very nice and he liked her a lot.

"Of course," Charles smiled as he replied and continued, "I will treat both of you with the same love and affection. Do you understand this Charlie?"

"Okay, I am very happy." Charlie nodded and his eyes brightened up.

Sheryl came back with the water and brought with her a group of people into the ward.

Charles dropped the box at the sight of Sheryl's family which included Arthur, Amy, Andy and Abby. Abby tried to avoid eye contact with him as if guilty.

Charles had continued to send some holiday gifts to the Zhao family during these years. The contact between them had gradually lessened as the whole family bore a grudge against him when Autumn went missing.

Amy was particularly unhappy at the sight of Charles and Charlie. She did not wish Charles to pester Sheryl after the long separation.

She blurted out, "Charles, you ought not to have come here!"

"Grandma Amy." Sheryl felt duty bound to speak up for Charles. She knew Amy's anger was partly out of love for her.

"Charles has taken good care of Shirley last night. He has been with me and supported me through this whole ordeal. He deserves our love and respect. Please do not blame him anymore." Sheryl tried to change Amy's attitude.

But Amy ignored Sheryl and spoke coldly to him, "No more of your hypocrisy and duplicity! Leave this place right now! We do not need you!"

Sheryl was somewhat upset by Amy's rudeness to Charles.

At that moment she was standing between them and could feel Amy's hatred for Cha

waiting outside."

Once they walked out, Sheryl began to

relay a detailed account of the unpleasant encounter from the previous night. Everyone present was shocked to learn it was Anthony who was to be held responsible for this condition.

Abby was the person who was most shocked.

"Sher, are you sure? Was it really Anthony? Did you see his face clearly?" Amy could not reconcile herself to the dark side of Anthony. She had always found him to be a gentleman and soft mannered.

Arthur also found it hard to accept what he heard. He asked Sheryl, "Is what you just said true? Did all this really happen?"

"Definitely! It is the truth and a harsh reality. This is the level he sunk to." Sheryl replied with a forced smile and continued, "I never expected Anthony to commit such a horrible act!"

Sheryl's revelation nearly prompted Abby to disclose Andy's involvement with Anthony. Sensing that Abby was slowly losing her control and was about to spill the beans, Andy immediately brought Abby outside.

He did not foresee that Charles and the little boy were out there and may eavesdrop on his conversation with Abby.

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