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   Chapter 746 Unbiased Treatment

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"Nancy! He is just a child." Sheryl intervened and said, "Regardless of what his mother did, he is innocent and I can never even think in my wildest dreams to harm him. How can you even think that I will be so cruel to him?" The vulnerability of Sheryl was clearly reflected in her voice.

Nancy scowled and looked at Sheryl; she wanted to help her make a decision. "Sheryl!" Nancy called her politely. "You're a kindhearted woman, but you don't have to be kind to everyone. Leila is Charlie's mother. Can't you figure out what will happen? Charlie will definitely support his mother when you will have words with Leila. So, what will you do about it then?" Nancy said in aggression. "You have to think about it at any cost and make up your mind. It is not just about the sake of yourself, think about your daughter too. Why don't you understand Sheryl? This is for your own better future," Nancy added.

Sheryl glanced at Nancy and said, "That's enough nonsense for now. I totally understand what you said and how concerned you are for me and my daughter, but Charlie is just a child to me. It's true that he is Leila's son, but no matter what his mother had done, it was all that happened before he was born. He has nothing to do with that! And keep in mind that I can't do any harm to a child.

And, I heartily believe that you will be nice to him too. Will you, Nancy?"

"But listen..." Nancy wanted to say something but stopped and gasped. Indeed, it was now clear that Sheryl was determined to cause no harm to Charlie.

Sheryl was indeed a kindhearted woman! That kind of woman was easy to be hurt even on the smallest of things. What happened with Brent was the best proof of this! Thereby, it was somehow inevitable that she would never hurt anyone or let alone a small child.

However, Nancy truly wanted to help Sheryl to protect herself. Though, when Sheryl turned her down, she had no way but to accept her decision.

"Okay. Do whatever you think is right for you," Nancy grunted.

And, Sheryl continued exhorting her to be nice to the kid. She told her in clear-cut words that she must not even think of any evil plans to hurt Charlie in any way. Nancy nodded and Sheryl walked away without even looking at Nancy. As soon as Sheryl stepped out, she was shocked and abashed to see Charlie standing by the door of the kitchen.

Sheryl got embarrassed and thought that Charlie must have heard what Nancy and she were discussing inside. She got extremely tensed and started to curse herself in the heart. She was very nervous and ashamed. However, she gathered enough courage to inquire in awe, "Charlie, what are you doing here? Is everything Alright?"

Charlie signaled the phone and said, "Dad is on the call."

Sheryl grabbed the phone hastily


Charles was taken aback by what Charlie just asked; he never expected Charlie would ask him that question ever. In mere shock, Charles could do nothing other than starring Charlie for the next couple of minutes.

He didn't know how to answer him, so he paused for a while and replied, "Charlie, so you like Sher, don't you?"

"Yes, I do like her," Charlie responded.

He did like Sheryl but he didn't know if he should like her or not since, she would be her stepmother. It was just that Charlie was afraid that he would no longer matter to his father, once his father married Sheryl.

"So what would you say if I make her your mother?" Charles smiled and looked at Charlie in mere desperation. Charlie didn't say yes

or either no.

Charles was not able to understand why his son was behaving like that. · But being a father, he was sure to protect his own boy. Since, Charlie had told him that he like Sheryl, but he was worried. Thus, determined to give his son some faith, he decided to make his son believe that he would be loved by his father forever.

Charles said to Charlie, "Remember this, I am your father, so I'll always love you no matter who I marry. I won't leave you and I'll be always responsible for you. If I marry Sheryl, she will love you, too. And, together we both will have your back!

Think about it yourself, haven't she always been nice to you? I know that you have been trying hard to act be nice and mature, and I am proud of you my son. But. I want to tell you, honey, you don't have to be like that. You don't have to suppress your desires. You can tell us anything you want including your worries about the evil stepmother. I promise that I won't let anything bad happen to you at any cost, okay? I won't let you compromise in any situation." Charles hugged Charlie tightly as a symbol of love.

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