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   Chapter 744 A Little Unpleasantness

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"Junia," Sue read the name flashing on Anthony's cell phone screen. She gave Anthony a questioning look and asked, "Who's Junia?"

Anthony dragged her into his arms and teased, "What? Are you jealous?"

"Yes, I am," Sue admitted. She turned to look at him with serious eyes and added, "I can tell this is a woman, judging from her name. She calls you relentlessly, even when you're here with me, at my house. Is she your mistress?"

Anthony looked at her incredulously. "What utter nonsense are you talking about?" He frowned slightly. He hesitated for a moment and said, "She is the daughter of my mother's friend. I came to Y City with mom and her this time. Even if I just consider her as my sister, my mom thinks she would be a perfect choice for my wife. My mom has probably caused new trouble for me. Maybe that's why she's calling."

"Is she pretty?" Sue asked, ignoring his explanation. She put a slice of watermelon into his mouth while leaning against his chest, waiting for his answer.

"Yes," Anthony replied honestly.

Sue couldn't help but feel sour with his response. All along she thought that Sheryl was the only one trying to put a distance between Anthony and her, but now she realized, there was even another woman, Junia.

'His mother doesn't like Sheryl, so she might not like me either, ' Sue thought.

"Anthony." Sue raised her head and looked at Anthony. He hadn't shaved for days and was now sporting a shadow on his chin.

"What's up?" He lowered his head and looked at Sue.

"How do you..." she stammered. "How would you define our relationship?" Sue couldn't quite believe she mustered the courage to ask Anthony that. But it had been bothering her for a while. What they had confused her and she just needed to know how he felt.

Anthony was stunned. To be honest, he often came to Sue's place because he felt at ease here and he could do anything as he pleased.

He didn't quite know how to answer her question because he had never thought about it. So he tried to dodge the question. "What kind of relationship do you think we have?"

"I..." Sue felt a little sad because she didn't get t

w that he had never considered even marrying her.

He only came to her because he wanted to feel better after being hurt by Sheryl.

"Sorry." Anthony walked up to her and embraced her. Then he said in a soft tone, "I know you are angry with me. You haven't eaten dinner right? It's bad for your health. Let's have dinner now. You can go on losing your temper on me after dinner."

Sue was amused but she held back her laughter. She wanted to ask questions again but thought against it.

So she just kept silent.

Anthony felt even worse as he knew that Sue was holding back. He knew a lot of things were bothering her but now, she may not open up anymore.

He was the same way when he was with Sheryl. They both had the utmost adoration for the persons they loved, desiring their attention and love.

Anthony kept on persuading Sue to eat more during the dinner, hoping to at least make her feel a little better, a little less hurt.

But going through the unpleasantness, Sue hardly spoke during dinner.

In the hospital

Charlie kept Shirley company and never left. Sometimes, Shirley's eyes held different emotions but her face was always blank, expressionless.

It was late. Charles looked at Sheryl and said, "Sher, go home and rest. I'll accompany Shirley tonight."

Sheryl shook her head slightly. She wouldn't feel at ease even if she went home. She would rather stay here and be with her daughter.

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