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   Chapter 743 Crank Calls

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As Sheryl prepared to leave, Laura was a little stunned by her instant and unconditional promise. She then stopped her by saying, "How could you walk away without my permission?

You most definitely cannot just leave. I am still not done with you!" Sheryl ran out of patience and turned around to tell Laura in no uncertain terms, "Aunt Laura, I have acceded to all your demands and now it is time for you to stop blaming me."

"I will not tolerate any more of your hypocrisy and duplicity!" Laura smiled coldly and said, "I know that you are far too cunning and greedy to agree to breaking off your relationship with Anthony without a reason."

Laura asked Sheryl in a contemptuous manner, "What scheme is cooking in your brain now? What plan are you thinking of?"

Sheryl, feeling a little humiliated, replied helplessly, "I have agreed to part ways with Anthony as per your demand. I fail to understand what else I need to do to satisfy you?"

Sheryl was mindful of Shirley's condition. She was not interested in arguing with Laura and wanted to finish this conversation and leave as soon as possible.

The unpleasant episode last night had cemented Sheryl's desire of distancing herself from Anthony. She had absolutely no intentions of entertaining any connection or even thoughts of him in the future.

She managed to talk to Laura sincerely, "Aunt Laura, I am fully aware of your intention to keep Anthony from me. I realize you will never accept me as his wife and will do your best to spoil our possible marriage. Considering all this I have terminated my rela

house, no one opened the door. She tried a few more times and waited for some minutes for someone to come out.

Back in the ward, Junia relayed this news to Laura, who became even more anxious.

Her maternal love for Anthony drove her to tears and she imagined the worst had happened to him.

Junia, seeing Laura distressed over Anthony, had to console her by reminding her that Anthony was a mature and grown-up man. He could take care of himself.

After consoling Laura and giving her some food, she left her to sleep. She walked out of the ward and called Anthony again. There was no response still.

At last, she had no option but to text Anthony. She texted him requesting him to call back his mother as soon as he was able to.

In Sue's apartment

Anthony saw the message and dismissed it roughly. Sue came over to ask him why he was not answering the calls. Someone was obviously trying to reach him desperately.

"These are crank calls!" Anthony replied nonchalantly. He was in no mood to answer Junia's and his mother's calls.

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