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   Chapter 741 Let Me Be The One You Trust Most

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5997

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Leila arched her eyebrows. After a long pause, she said to Charles, "Do you think I wanted to do this? I was left with no choice because of you."

"Because of me?" Charles asked in puzzlement.

"Charlie is my son. He has been with me since the day he was born. But you took him away from me and forbade me to see him again. Today I just wanted to see him but was forced to do it in secrecy. So is there anything wrong in this?" Leila inquired angrily.

"Stop talking nonsense!" Charles sneered, "I have never forbidden you to see him."

Charles cast a contemptuous glance at Leila and added, "If you want to meet him, you could have just gone to my house. Why did you follow him secretly? Obviously, your intentions are questionable."

"You won't understand." Leila smiled coldly and said, "You are now with that woman, and Charlie has been completely brainwashed. He refuses to meet me now. What could I do in such circumstances?"

"Don't lie to me," Charles sneered. "No matter who Charlie lives with, you should not follow him secretly. If you dare do that again, I will not spare you."

Charles left immediately after issuing the threat to Leila. He was worried about Sheryl and went back to accompany her.

Looking at Charles' receding figure, Leila felt very jealous of Sheryl. 'Why is that bitch so lucky? She gets everything I desire. I have followed the boy for several days but to no avail. I should take more drastic action now!

I must let that bitch feel the pain of losing her family and loved ones, ' she swore to herself.

A devious smile played on Leila's face.

Sheryl and Charlie were with Shirley when Charles came back. Sheryl was unable to cheer Shirley up despite all her efforts. Only when Charlie talked to her, she would sometimes raise her head and

e said.

"Okay." Sheryl found Anthony's car parked down when she arrived home. She assumed that Anthony had taken a cab back home last night and so his car was there.

Nancy questioned her about Shirley's condition as she packed. Sheryl was very nervous about her daughter too, but she tried to console Nancy, "Nancy, don't worry. Shirley will be fine."

She finished packing quickly and went back to the hospital. As she was entering she saw Laura there.

Sheryl didn't expect to see her in the hospital. As their last meeting had been very unpleasant, Sheryl hesitated. Then she walked up to her. Looking at Laura's hospital clothes, she asked, "Aunt Laura, what has happened? How come you are admitted here? You..."

"Because of you!" Laura interrupted her. Laura sneered, "You must be happy to see me ill, right?"

"Aunt Laura, I..." Sheryl said hesitantly. Sheryl gave a bitter smile and added, "I don't know why you fell ill. But I am sure it has nothing to do with me.

Please excuse me. I have to attend to some important business." Sheryl was ready to walk away but Laura gripped her wrist. "What? Do you want to escape? Why are you making excuses?" Laura asked mockingly.

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