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   Chapter 740 Why Are You Following Me

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"Okay, okay, I get it," Anthony spoke as he pressed his forehead with his index finger and thumb. Too much wine can make things really worse between two people. And that was what happened between Anthony and Sheryl. Anthony was drunk last night. If he had known that Sheryl's memory had come back, Anthony would not have been so impulsive.

"Anthony, please wait for a second," said Andy when Anthony was about to hang up the phone. "In fact, I know exactly what you have done for Sheryl during these years. Actually, I will be happy if you could be with each other. But if she still couldn't forget Charles after all these years, then it's of no use for you to wait for her. I think it's better for you to give up. I am sure you could find a better girl," added Andy.

"Andy, thank you. That's very thoughtful on your part," replied Anthony in a very casual yet polite tone. After that he hung up the phone.

Anthony turned around and took a glance at Sue who was still asleep. His face became grim and a heaviness hung on his chest. He tried to grip Sheryl with both his hands, but she was slipping away like a fistful of sand. He heaved a deep sigh and walked towards the kitchen.

He cooked some porridge and egg soup. In the last three years, cooking had almost become his second nature. When he used to cook for Sheryl, it was the only way for him to express his love as Sheryl was not much responsive in any other way. Every time a thought of Sheryl came to his mind, it left him with a mild pain. He took the breakfast on a tray and was about to come out of the kitchen when Sue held him abruptly from behind.

"Good morning," Sue spoke in a soft voice. Sue's voice reflected a happiness and joy. However, Anthony could not reciprocate as heartily as she did. He looked expressionless which formed a sharp contrast with Sue. "Go and wash up. The breakfast is ready," said Anthony without showing any sign of mood swings.

"Okay, wait for me for a moment," Sue replied in a cheerful voice. She really felt warm as she saw Anthony cook breakfast for her.

Every time over these years when she saw Anthony take care of Sheryl, Sue felt a void in her heart. Even she longed for someone to take care of her like this. But now it had finally come true. Sue felt as if the fondest wish of her life had been granted.

As they ate the breakfast, Anthony remained silent. Sue glanced at him once in a while and a smile appeared on her face each time. After finishing breakfast, Sue thought Anthony would leave. However, he just sat down quietly on the couch. Sue walked up to him and sat down by his side. She then asked him in a very soft voice, "Anthony, you are not going back?" She looked into Anthony's eyes, and waited for his reply. She could understand Anthony's state of mind.

"Going back?" Anthony looked at her face with an absolutely blank expression. "Where shall I go back?" he asked.

"I mean going back to your house," Sue replied in a very gentle voice. She was taken aback by Anthony's question. After a small pause, she then added, "Didn't you say that your mom is still at home? Are you not going back to accompany your mom?" Sue kept looking at Anthony's face while she asked.

"Who told you my mom is at my house?" Anthony asked her with a frown. Sue could see the coldness in his eyes as he interrogated her. He stared at Sue, trying to read her face for the tru

iliar figure. However, given the mental condition he was in, it took him several seconds to think about who it was. And the moment he could identify the familiar figure, he just could not help flaring up.

He rushed behind and finally caught Leila at the gate of the hospital.

To his surprise, she warped herself in a thick scarf and put on the sunglasses at such a hot day. Perhaps it was a camouflage she had put so that people could not recognize her in this way.

"Stop!" shouted Charles. He followed right behind her and held her arms. He turned her face towards him so that she could no longer hide her identity and asked in a very cold and intimidating voice, "What are you doing here?"

Leila felt that there was no need of any cover to hide her face since Charles had already recognized her. She freed her arm from Charles, removed her scarf and sunglasses, glared at Charles and sneered, "That is none of your business. Is this hospital owned by your family? Why can't I come here?"

"Leila, you better not make a pretence in front of me," said Charles with a serious look. "I have nothing to say if you have really come here to see a doctor, but then why did you run away when you saw me?" asked Charles in a grim voice.

"I..." Leila stammered as she was at a loss of words. After hesitating for a while, she finally said, "I have already seen the doctor. Why can't I leave? Do I need your permission for that? Do you really think you are so important to me?"

"Really?" asked Charles with a sneer. Then where is your medical card? Show me," Charles probed further.

"Charles, don't cross your limits. You are going too far," Leila roared impatiently. "What are you going to do to me?" she sneered at Charles like a wild cat.

"Are you serious, Leila?" Charles narrowed his eyes as he interrogated. "It is you who followed me to the hospital. And on the top of that you are asking me what I am doing here. Don't you think it sounds ridiculous?

You better tell me why you have come here or I won't let you go." Charles was not surprised at her behavior. She had always been like this. He knew it for sure that she was following them and she also had some reason behind it. He kept glaring at Leila furiously and waited for her to reply.

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