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   Chapter 739 The Phone Was Finally Answered

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"Because I have done something that she would never forgive." Anthony smiled bitterly and shook his head. He did not expect Sheryl to forgive something as unforgivable as this. He even thought that he deserved her hatred. He couldn't help thinking that his relationship with Sheryl was completely and finally finished.

"Anthony, what have you…" Sue thought awhile and started to ask Anthony what he had done to Sheryl. But she was interrupted by him even as she started talking.

Anthony put down his glass and looked sideways at her. "Don't ask me about that. I will never tell you what happened. Please don't even mention this again and I will be very thankful to you for your consideration."

How could Anthony tell her what happened? He was too ashamed about his behavior.

As he showed no willingness to talk on that subject, she relented, "Fine! If that is your wish, I won't ask you about this anymore. Let's have a drink."

Each lost in their own complex thoughts, they finished the bottle of wine very quickly.

Sue was still sober, but Anthony was not.

Before he came, he had been drinking a lot. He was also in a bad mood, because there was too much on his mind these days. He was pessimistic about the future of his relationship with Sheryl. He had been so upset that he drank faster and much more than Sue did. Thus he soon fell unconscious.

Sue stood up and walked to her wardrobe to fetch a quilt for him. She covered Anthony with the warm quilt to prevent him from catching a cold. She smoothed the quilt softly over him just as she wanted to soothe his knitted eyebrows and confused heart. As she was about to leave, Anthony clutched her hand and begged her to stay with him.

There was a dim light in the room. She could clearly see the pleading look in his eyes. How could she refuse him when he was looking so sad and vulnerable? She was struggling with her conscience. She hesitated and then said to him in a soft voice, "Anthony, you are drunk. You don't know what you are doing. You will be regret it tomorrow."

"I am not drunk." said Anthony unhappily, "Why do you all think I am drunk? I am not drunk, definitely not! I desperately want to get drunk, but I can't."

Anthony murmured, "Why don't you just let me get drunk? All my troubles end when I get drunk."

Sue felt her heart ache when she saw Anthony's pain. She hesitated for a while. At the end she couldn't resist her feelings for him, and she sat down next to him. He tightly grasped her hand so she could feel his desire to be with her that night. She nodded gently and said, "Okay, I will be here with you."

Only then did Anthony's face show a satisfied smile. The next second, he took her into his arms.

Sue was quite taken aback by this. Alth

eryl's boyfriend. Moreover, Sheryl used to be her friend!

"I always believe in the saying 'love will come with time'. As long as you promise to stay away from Sheryl, I trust and know that you will fall in love with me," she tried to convince him.

"I hope so," said Anthony, but his voice reflected his doubt. He didn't say a word after that and eventually drifted off to sleep.

Anthony woke up the next morning to the sound of the telephone ringing. It was a call from Andy. As soon as he answered the phone, he heard Andy's impatient voice. "Thank God, you finally answered the phone."

"What happened?" he asked. Sue, who was lying in his arms, turned over in her sleep. He took the opportunity to extricate his arms from around her.

"I have been trying to reach you for a long time.Why did you not answer your phone?" Andy questioned. He continued anxiously, "Do you know that Sheryl's memory has come back?"

"What? I didn't know that!" Anthony was now fully awake and instantly alert. He noticed that Sue was restless and disturbed by his call. He got out of bed and put on his clothes. He then went to the living room to continue the conversation. "When did this happen?"

"It's been several days," said Andy. He frowned and added, "I called you several times and you never answered. I was so anxious. The other day she came to ask me about her child's whereabouts. Now my wife knows the deal between us. She kept pushing me to reveal the child's whereabouts to her but I never told her a word. Now, we can't keep this secret forever. It will finally come to light."

Andy sighed and said, "I am not breaking my promise. I'm calling you today to inform you that my wife is now aware of our secrets. I'm not sure how long I can hide it from everyone. If the secret gets exposed one day, please don't blame me."

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