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   Chapter 737 Never Let Her Go

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Suddenly, the air shifted around them. Maybe at a different time, it wouldn't have. Maybe a time ago, the moment would have been colorful — something that made eyes sparkle with delight, and cheeks fold with smiles — but no longer. The moment had only made the distance between the two awfully clear.

"Sher…" Charles tried to break the silence. "Even if you remember now, I know that… I know you couldn't possibly accept it. My grandfather wanted to have you move back and live with us, that's how it was supposed to happen. But I know we can't just demand that of you." Charles looked at her with gentle eyes. "When you're ready to move back, you can tell me, and I will bring you back. What do you think of that?"

Sheryl's eyes were already glassy at that point. She didn't know how to take it all — the way Charles spoke to her, the way he looked at her. "Why would you do this for me?" The kinder he was to her, the guiltier she felt.

Charles' hand twitched, as if he was ready to reach out and wipe her tears away. He leaned in a little closer. "Silly girl, for whom else would I do this for?" Charles' smile was loving.

Save for Sheryl's trembling breaths, the silence between them was heavy with the unspoken. It took everything for Sheryl to finally ask, "Don't you… Don't you want to know where the other baby is?"

He swallowed shakily. "You…you remember?" he asked, sounding smaller than he was.

Sheryl looked down and shook her head slowly. "I've remembered everything but that day. Nothing about the day I gave birth... My mind is cruel that way."

There was an ache in Charles' chest, when he saw Sheryl the way she was, in that moment, like she was mourning for a whole life that she had lost. In an attempt to bring some comfort, he made sure his voice was confident. "It doesn't matter. I'll continue investigating on it. We'll find out soon, one of these days. Trust me."

A sigh escaped the woman's lips — Charles had not found the other baby either. She couldn't help but feel more hopeless than anything.

The two shared a silent dinner. There was no idle talk, nor talk of the past.

When they headed back and reached Sheryl's door, she stopped to look at Charles. "Goodnight, Charles. I need to be alone for a while," she said, sounding firm.

Charles didn't seem to mind. He put his hand comfortingly on her shoulder. "Alright. I know you need to be alone for some time." He took a few steps back. "But not forever, Sher. You know if you take too long, I

gled with her legs, trying anything she could to put distance between them. "Let me go," she demanded.

Her voice snapped him out of his lustful gaze over her body. It made him scoff. "Let you go?" He looked at her like she had asked the most ridiculous thing. "For three years that's all I did. I let you go. I had so many chances to take you and make you mine. I could've slept with you long ago and then you wouldn't leave me.

But I wasted all those chances. I respected you, I didn't want you doing anything you didn't really want to do." He chuckled at the irony. "But now I know it just made things so much easier for you. It made you leaving me so much easier."

His face was only inches from hers now.Their breathing almost seemed to echo in the dead quiet of the room. His eyes narrowed, and Sheryl trembled. "I've let you go too many times, Sheryl. I'm making you mine tonight." He leaned in until his mouth was right next to her ear. "You'll never be with your beloved Charles after this."

And then he went for her neck. It was like he was devouring her, the way his mouth moved on her skin. "A-Anthony… please… please…" Sheryl was crying. "You can't do this… please…"

"I can't?" he didn't stop. His one hand was gripping her arms tightly, and his body stayed firm over hers. His other hand was on her body, grabbing at her nightgown. "And why can't I?" he taunted. Sheryl couldn't control the tears streaming down her face. She could barely form words. "That's right, Sheryl. Don't forget, I'm your boyfriend. I can touch you when I want to, because you're mine." He made sure his mouth was right over hers. "I'm never letting you go again."

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