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   Chapter 735 The Agreement Between Anthony and Andy

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5061

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"Abby, you are talking nonsense!" Andy flashed an embarrassed smile and added, "I will never do anything dishonorable!"

But Abby sneered and said that she knew Andy was calling Anthony to inform him of the development.

Knowing Abby could see through his act, Andy was shocked and fearful. He asked softly in a hesitant voice, "Have you eavesdropped on our conversation?"

"Definitely I have! 'A clear conscience is a soft pillow, ' can you make sense of this saying?" When Sheryl had been chatting with Andy, Abby had eavesdropped on their conversation. She realized Andy had fulfilled Anthony's wish of not disclosing Sheryl's whereabouts.

'How could my husband see my aged parents and me plunge in the depth of sorrows and yet not disclose Sheryl's whereabouts to us?' Abby's hatred for Andy grew as she was tormented by these thoughts.

"Abby, please calm down and listen to me." Andy had anticipated Abby's complaint and had wished to postpone it as long as possible.

"No explanation could justify your deed!" Abby smiled coldly and complained to Andy, "Your keeping Sheryl out of my parents' life was very inhuman. Andy, your behavior is beyond tolerance and despicable!"

"What was I supposed to do? Tell me?" Andy forced a smile as he stated, "Abby, I could not lose our child under any circumstances!"

"You..." Abby trailed off and she had to admit that she would have done the same for Rick.

However, Abby could not bear to see Sheryl suffer so much.

"Abby, I did all that against m

looked at Sheryl and then motioned if he should help her.

Greatly embarassed by this, Sheryl immediately returned to her bedroom, her face flushed, which made Charles burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Shirley rushed toward Charles in her pajamas. Charles lifted her up in his arms and jested, "Baby, how naughty you are!"

Shirley lay her head on Charles' shoulder and asked, "Uncle Charles, why did you not bring Charlie here?"

"Charlie is at home," Charles hugged Shirley endearingly and said, "and do you miss him?"

"Yes, I miss him." Shirley nodded eagerly and asked Charles if she could play with Charlie.

"Of course!" Charles smiled as he replied, "I will take you to play with him later!"

Satisfied, Shirley dozed off in Charles' arms.

Sheryl walked out of her bedroom just then and saw the bonding between her daughter and Charles.

She was overcome with a growing guilt over their separation.

"Charles..." Sheryl moved forward but she was motioned to be silent by Charles.

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