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   Chapter 733 Visiting Zhao Family

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"You really think I'm going to listen to you?" Anthony smiled, albeit coldly. The way he was looking at her had Junia's words stuck in her throat.

He wanted to be over the whole episode, but before he could retreat to the comfort of his house, Junia stopped him.

"I have to go, Anthony. You should look after your mother in the hospital. It's the least you can do."

Before walking away she rested her hand on Anthony's, much to his dislike. He felt a piece of paper slip into his hand. "The address," she told him. "Talk things over with her." Anthony didn't look at her as she left. He was done with dealing with anyone for the day. He would drink everyone away that night, he decided.

When morning came, Anthony wasn't so grateful for being sober. He looked at the dreaded piece of paper Junia had left him as it lay on a table in front of him.

Anthony knew of his mother's condition — but for her to be hospitalized? All sense of trust seemed to be fading away from him, maybe even that for his own mother.

Laura was his mother, nonetheless, so he found it in himself to get up and see her, at least. At the hospital, Junia was visiting Laura as she often would. The air seemed to get tenser and tenser as the days went by. "Are you feeling any better?" Laura didn't really need to respond. Junia gave a tight smile.

She suggested to head out and find some food Laura could enjoy, but the woman declined. "I couldn't enjoy anything right now anyway."

"He'll have to come around," Junia tried to reassure her. "He's a busy man, after all."

Laura put her hand on the girl's shoulder. "Thank you, Junia, for all your support. But I'm not that dense. I know he'd sooner leave the family than sort things out with me."

"He wouldn't," she said as she stood to find a glass for Laura.

"He knows his duties as a son," she tried to sound certain.

Laura sighed in re

iver. "There's no more need. Take us back to the hospital, please."

"God dammit." Laura couldn't help but curse when she heard Junia's report.

Junia wouldn't dare

say anything more.

Sheryl went directly to the Zhao family house this morning. There was some obligation to at least try to be closer with her family. Or at least closer than to Charles.

With her parents gone, she had to make sure that her grandparents could at least live without worrying too much about her anymore.

'At least I have Shirley with me, ' she thought. Together they carried some gifts to offer.

Abby greeted Sheryl with much delight, and moved in to hug her. "Sher, it's so good to see you. How have you been? We've missed you!"

"You know how busy it gets sometimes, I'm sorry." Sheryl patted her back. "It's good to see you."

Abby wanted to make themselves comfortable and led them inside. Arthur greeted her with the same excitement and affection. They offered to prepare a good meal for her, but Sheryl declined. "Please, you don't have to fuss over me. I came to visit my family." She smiled. She was grateful to them, but felt she was an unworthy granddaughter to be receiving so much warmth.

She should have, at the very least, visited them sooner.

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