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   Chapter 732 My Memory Is Back

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7375

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Nancy felt like she had been punched in the gut by Sheryl's words and she actually forgot how to breathe for a second or two. Her back was suddenly stiff with fear as she forced herself to look at Sheryl. "You..." she stammered.

Sheryl cut her off. "Yes, my memory is back. I remember everything," She smirked and continued, "I bet you never expected me to regain my memory. Otherwise you won't have even dared to dream of coming to work for me and becoming Shirley's babysitter."

Nancy had indeed been shocked by Sheryl's sudden recovery, but managed to recover quickly.

The truth was, Nancy had already been mentally prepared for Sheryl to regain her memory. She had even imagined countless scenarios and how she would respond. But she had never in a million years imagined this particular situation. Sheryl's attitude towards her, and the words that were coming out of the mouth was shocking, to say the least.

"That's great to hear!" Nancy smiled and continued, "I knew that one day you would regain your memory. I have been anticipating it."

"What are you talking about?" Sheryl asked in confusion. "Aren't you scared? Now that I've gotten my memory back, aren't you worried that I'll take my revenge?"

"Whatever plans you have for me, I admit that I deserve the punishment and suffering." Nancy gave a forced smile and continued, "What happened back then... I admit, it was my actions that resulted in your separation from Charles, not to mention the misfortunes you suffered afterwards..."

"Enough!" Sheryl got up and turned away, unable to look at Nancy anymore. Despite her motherly, loving appearance, she still couldn't get over Nancy's crimes against her. "Just stop talking."

"Please, just let me finish what I have to say." Even though she was now talking to Sheryl's back, Nancy continued, "I've been carrying this heavy block of emotions for the past three years. Now please give me the chance to get them off my chest. I fear I'll never get the opportunity to speak them again."

Sheryl kept quiet and Nancy took it as a sign of encouragement. "Three years ago you were kind enough to employ Brent, but what you only got was misery. Brent has passed away and now I too,

ate that night preparing shrimp wanton for Sheryl. When she was sure Sheryl was asleep, she quickly called Charles to inform him about Sheryl's recovery.

Charles had known that Sheryl had recovered, but since Sheryl hadn't mentioned it, he decided to feign ignorance.

The same night, a very drunk Anthony returned home to find Junia squatting in front of his door, and from the looks of it, she had been there for quite a while.

Seeing Anthony approach, Junia hastily tried to get up, but her numb legs prevented her from doing so and she had to hold on to the wall for a while to recover.

"Anthony!" Junia called out to him urgently, "Aunt Laura is in the hospital. You had better go visit her."

"Do you seriously think I'm going to fall for this set of lies again? It was foolish of me to trust you previously. How blind could I be to believe every sentence that came out of your mouth? What a joke," he sneered at her.

He gave a dry laugh and continued, "Actually, it's a good thing you're here. Go back and tell my beloved mother I don't want anything to do with her anymore. I'm disowning her."

Even though Junia knew that it was the alcohol in his blood that was making him speak so carelessly, she was still shocked by Anthony's harsh words. Frowning slightly, she responded, "Look, I know Aunt Luara and I were wrong to lie to you. But right now, she's really sick. You're a doctor, won't you at least go visit her and find out what's wrong?"

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