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   Chapter 731 How Is Brent

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"Sheryl!" Anthony fumed. He let out a cold, humorless laugh and continued, "So you've decided to break with me to be with Charles, is that right?"

Sheryl's eyebrows knitted together as she replied, "I don't want to argue with you about this."

Anthony sneered, "Don't forget, you are MY girlfriend. Do you really think it's appropriate for you to choose another man over me and defend him right in front me?"

"Enough!" Sheryl was visibly upset as she shouted in Anthony's face, "Anthony, I told you, I don't want to talk to you right now. Please leave. I will talk to you in a couple of days after we have both calmed down."

Anthony looked at Sheryl and answered, "No. We need to settle this, right here, right now. Otherwise I'm not going to let him get away."

Anthony raised his fist, about to hit Charles but Sheryl blocked his way immediately. "Stop it, Anthony!" she screamed.

"Sher, why don't you go upstairs first?" Charles said. Charles tugged on her hand gently and added, "Go up and get some rest. Let me deal with this."

"But..." Sheryl glanced at Charles with concern and worry. Charles gave her a reassuring nod to convince her. Finally she nodded in agreement and said, "Okay, but be careful."

She picked up her luggage and went upstairs without sparing a glance in Anthony's direction.

Anthony was about to grab Sheryl's hand and make her explain things but Charles was faster. He swiftly blocked him and said, "You'll leave her alone if you really want her to be happy."

"Just who do you think you are?" Anthony challenged with a sneer. He shook off Charles' hand and said, "You may be Shirley's father, but I'm the one who's been by their sides all these years. Shirley thinks of me as her father, and the most suitable man for her mother. I hope you realize you're just an outsider to them."

Anthony jabbed his finger into Charles' chest and added in a cold tone, "Even to Sheryl, you're just Charles Lu, the bos

hought to himself.

Charles went to Sheryl's place and knocked at the door. Seeing Charles alone, she asked, "Is he gone?"

"Yes," he answered, his head nodding slightly.

"Did he cause any trouble for you?" she asked with concern, her eyes checking him up and down for any injuries.

"Of course not. Do you really think I'm the type to just sit back and take trouble from anyone?" Charles teased.

Later, he taught Nancy what she needed to pay attention to when taking care of Sheryl. Sheryl invited him to stay for dinner but he declined, saying, "No no, you need to rest. I'd better get going."

Then Charles left immediately. After dinner, Shirley went to bed early and Nancy served Sheryl the medicine she needed to take, along with a glass of water. "Miss Xia, don't forget your medicine," she said.

The sight of the pills and water triggered a memory and Sheryl suddenly remembered how Nancy had poisoned her all those years ago.

She looked up and stared right into Nancy's eyes.

Nancy was taken aback. She felt Sheryl was acting weird today, more cautious and skeptical than usual. Nancy summoned up her courage and asked timidly, "Is everything okay, Miss Xia? Are you feeling unwell?"

"I'm fine," Sheryl answered. Then she smirked and asked, "So Nancy, how is Brent?"

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