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   Chapter 730 Messing Around

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"I know you are trying to comfort me," Laura replied with a rueful smile. "He's my son. I know him better than anyone else. He must be very angry with me. He didn't believe I was ill."

Junia looked at her and tried to console her. She said, "Aunt Laura, don't take it too hard. You look utterly washed out. You need rest. We shall talk about it later."

"I'm old and weak now. I know it," Laura said with a bitter smile. "I'm not afraid of death. But I can't bear to leave Anthony alone. I can't see him suffer. But I am disappointed in him now. How can he be so stubborn?"

"Don't say that. You'll be all right soon. The only thing you have to do now is to take a rest. You look tired."

"Junia," Laura took her hand and said, "don't take his words too seriously. Those are only angry words. You take my word for it. Your chance will come soon. Don't give up so easily. You're the only person I can count on now."

"Well, I know what you mean. But…" She hesitated for a moment.

While she was sitting in the ward, waiting for Laura to become conscious, Junia had considered it quite seriously. She could see quite clearly that Anthony was madly in love with Sheryl. Apparently he would never part from her. It would be abominable of her to force herself on him. Then she reached a decision. "I've decided. I will leave when you are discharged. I'm giving up on him." she said.

"But why?" Laura asked, with startled eyes. "Is it because of what he said? You know that was nonsense. He didn't mean it. The woman has made him lose his mind. He'll straighten things out very soon and return for good. Just give him some time."

"It's not only about Anthony," Junia explained. "I've considered it seriously. Though you're not fond of Sheryl, we have to admit that she's a good woman. Maybe the on

d caused her. But she had been doing her best since she was hospitalized. So Sheryl didn't know what to do with her.

"Shall we go?" he said then. He held her by the arm and they left the hospital.

He drove her home. When they arrived at the apartment building, Anthony saw them together. He suddenly flared up.

He pushed the door open and stormed up to Charles. Without a word, he raised his fist and hit him in the face.

His fist landed squarely on Charles' face before he could react. When Anthony raised his hand to punch him again, Sheryl stood in front of him.

"Sher, get out of the way," he cried, red with rage. "Let me teach him a lesson today."

"Stop messing around! Have you not had enough of this?" Sheryl demanded, restraining herself. Though she was grateful to him, she would never be able to forgive him for concealing the truth from her. He had deceived her with a lie, just to keep her beside him.

"Messing around? Do you think I'm messing around?" he asked, sneering.

"Oh, don't you?" she retorted. "Do you think hitting someone is good manners?" she asked in a cold voice.

"I'm sick of being pestered by you and I am very tired. Will you excuse me?" she said.

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