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   Chapter 727 Fainting

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"Mr. Lu, what happened? Is everything all right?" asked David. The sound from the office had drawn David's attention. He rushed in to make sure Charles was alright.

After Archer made sure that Sheryl was okay, he was ready to leave with Judith. However, Charles stopped him.

"David, call the police right now," Charles said in a cold voice. He did not even trouble himself to raise his head and look at Archer.

The moment Sheryl had come back into his life, he had promised himself that from then on he would protect her forever. He would never let her suffer the slightest harm. Whoever dare to hurt her would pay the price. He would show them no mercy.

"Charles, don't go too far over this," said Archer angrily. When he heard Charles tell David to call the police, he turned his head suddenly and sharply. He spoke to Charles, "Isn't it enough that you make my daughter suffer like this? What else do you want to do with her?"

Charles raised his head and looked at him indifferently. He said, "Those who hurt Sheryl must pay the price. In fact, I wasn't going to hold you accountable for what happened. But now…"

He smiled coldly, and didn't finish what he was going to say next.

Judith couldn't help but laugh bitterly. She had loved him for so long, but this man didn't even want to look at her. What a loser in love she was!

After seeing how protective he was towards Sheryl, she finally realized that Charles had just been stringing her along from the beginning. He didn't like her at all!

She could see that he didn't show affection for anyone except Sheryl. His love for his sweetheart could be easily seen from his every act and move, even from his eyes. The more she realized that he didn't love her, the more miserable she felt.

Sheryl interceded with Charles for Judith, but Judith was not grateful for that. She sneered, "Don't pretend to be forgiving and generous. I don't need your sympathy."

'All right, ' thought Sheryl. She shut her mouth and watched Judith being taken away by the police.

After Judith was taken away, Charles gently raised Sheryl's face and examined it carefully. He knitted his brows tightly and was really angry that Judith had done such harm to her. Sheryl's neck was covered with bruises. He was very worried and asked, "Does it hurt? Would you like to go and see a doctor?"

"This is nothing. Don't worry about

en I came in. I saw that she was holding a photo of your wife. Maybe she was stimulated by something when she saw that photo. That could be the reason she fainted."

Charles suddenly remembered that it had happened in his own house last time, and he said nothing more. He stared at the doctor's room with fear in his eyes. He was afraid that something bad would happen to her.

"Who is the patient's family member?" a doctor called out from near the examination room. He had finished the examination.

"It's me." Charles hurried up and asked the doctor, "Doctor, what's the matter with her now? Why does she always faint?"

"She's fine," said the doctor. He comforted Charles, "It not as serious as you think." Just as the doctor said those words, Charles couldn't control himself from saying impatiently, "Are you kidding me? She has fainted, and you say she is fine?"

"Can you calm down and listen to me first?" said the doctor. He looked into Charles' eyes and said calmly, "The patient has lost her memory because of the stimulation of drugs. But now she has the symptoms of memory awakening, so that's why she always has a headache and has sometimes fainted. That is the precursor to the awakening of her memory."

"Really? Are you sure about that?" asked Charles. He looked at the doctor. "Is there any way to cure her?"

The doctor shook his head and said, "Well, according to her health condition, you just pay more attention to her health. She is all right now, you can go in to see her. But be careful, do not take too long, what she needs most now is a good rest."

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