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   Chapter 726 Regretting What I Have Done

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Archer clung onto Judith's arm and hurriedly told Charles, "I'm in charge of all these. My daughter has no idea about it."

When Judith had returned home from Hong Fu Restaurant, she had angrily confronted Archer and threatened him that if he didn't solve the matter immediately, she would deny him as her father.

All along, Archer had raised her to be everyone's apple of the eye. This time, he had to come down off his high horse to meet Charles. All the invitations had been sent out and cancelling the engagement party would be a big scandal for him.

Wearing a smile, he told Charles, "I made all the decisions. If you must find someone to blame for, please just blame me alone. Judith is not aware of all these things. She has her eyes only on you. And that's why she wants to marry you. If you are really furious, I could help you get even with Anthony. But the engagement party…" He moved closer for a while and whispered, "The engagement party couldn't be canceled in any way."

"Charles…" Judith tried to say something as she went over to him. She then tried to sit between Sheryl and Charles in wanting to separate them. Charles grimaced and moved up a bit. However, Judith continued to follow him and said, "When you told me that my dad had collaborated with Anthony to oppose you, I blatantly scolded him. If we get married, we will be a family. How could he help others trouble you as a father-in-law? Don't worry, if you don't really like him, we will stop seeing him. Let's just enjoy our life. What do you think of it?"

Surprised with what she heard, Sheryl was nearly stunned.

In desperation to be with Charles, she was willing to give up her relationship with her father. She was unbelievable.

"Judith…" Archer smiled dryly and pleaded Charles sincerely, "My daughter has been spoiled by me." He then strove to show his sorry. "You can ask me everything you want. I can even give all my shares to Judith if you agree to get engaged with her. With that, both of you would be the largest shareholders of Eagle Group. No one can get your position. What do you think about it?" he added genuinely.

Then he anxiously explained to Charles to get his pardon, "I admit that I did terrible thing

er," Judith added in a confident voice.

Charles smiled ironically and said, "Miss Jiang, I just ate several meals with you before. I did so because I wanted to gain your father's and Anthony's trust. If my behavior made you misunderstand all these, then I apologize. I am sorry."

"No, no, no. That's not true." Judith stopped her ears from listening to his apology. "It's you. It must be you who seduced Charles. I'll kill you!" Judith yelled as she was nearly broke down.

Judith ran to Sheryl and grabbed her by the neck. Sheryl suddenly couldn't breathe.

Clutching Sheryl, Charles hugged her in his arms. His soft voice with an obvious concern came overhead, "Are you okay?"

"I am fine." Sheryl coughed and shook her head slightly.

Witnessing how concerned Charles was to Sheryl, Judith got more furious and began to scream and lunge at them. However, Archer was prompt enough to seize her and interrupt her action.

A clap landed on Judith's face. Archer angrily yelled at her, "Judith, don't lose your head. Wake up. That guy has never fallen in love with you. Even when you killed that woman, he would never have his eyes on you."

"But I truly love him and I can only think of him," Judith spoken with a heartbroken cry.

Now Archer had started to regret what he had done. He had heard how cruel Charles was, but he ignored these words. Now, he eventually paid double costs.

He should not have agreed with Anthony to compete with Charles earlier.

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