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   Chapter 725 She Is Not An Outsider

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"Sue's fine. She's getting better. I think she will be able to walk in a while," replied Holley with a soft smile. Staring at Sheryl, Holley then asked, "How are you these days? What's up with you? Have you adjusted to working in the Shining Company?"

Before Sheryl could reply, she went on to continue, "Don't worry. I have punished Kitty and Tammy. If this happens next time, just tell me. I will handle it. You don't have to trouble Mr. Lu. I will help you to deal with it."

After hearing this, Sheryl felt uneasy. She glanced at Holley and said, "Miss Ye, it is not as you think. Please don't misunderstand me."

"I know. I know you," responded Holley. She grinned and continued, "Don't worry. I won't poke my nose into your private affair. But..." Holley paused for a while and finally said, "I can't allow the company's interests to be compromised. Charles fired two models. Do you know how much money the company has lost because of this?"

Though Holley wore a smile face, her words were laced with sharpness. "I just want to remind you to be careful before doing any such thing the next time."

"Miss Ye, I have something to discuss with you." Glancing nervously at Holley, Sheryl hesitated for a few seconds and finally said, "In fact, I think it is not appropriate for me to work at Shining Company anymore. What do you think? I need your opinion on this matter."

"Why?" asked Holley with a frown. "Are you angry about what I just said?" added Holley.

"No, no. Of course not," replied Sheryl while shaking her head. She looked at Holley and explained, "Actually I have mentioned it earlier to you. I told you that I didn't want to go there, but you declined my request. Now I am also responsible for whatever has happened."

Shery looked at Holley with unseeing eyes and then stopped for a while. "I have thought about this for quite a long time. I think I can't go to Shining Company anymore but I am afraid our company will suffer even greater losses. Miss Ye, please arrange to send other models to Shining Company."

"Sheryl, you are really very simple-minded," said Holley. She gazed at Sheryl and then asked in a rather casual yet cold voice, "Sheryl, do you really believe everything will be solved if you stop working at Shining Company? You are wrong."

"What do you mean, Miss Ye?" asked Sheryl with confusion.

"Well, since you don't understand, I will hav

ogant man before. 'I am his elder, but he does not show any respect to me. This is ridiculous!' Archer thought to himself.

He laughed scornfully and then continued, "Do you mean to say that I am the person who should get out of here?"

"Maybe," Charles replied. He looked at Archer and replied indifferently, "I still don't understand what else I have to talk to you about. We are both clear about why you came here today, right?"

Archer's face turned pale with rage as he heard this from Charles. Glaring at him, Archer replied indignantly, "Charles Lu, you better not be so arrogant. I am older than you, but you did not show any respect to me. You are looking down your nose at me."

"Did you say that I should respect elders?" asked Charles in a cold tone. He helped Sheryl sit down on the couch and continued, "You better figure out how to be a respectable elder first or I am afraid that you don't deserve to say these things to me."

"You..." stuttered Archer. He was too furious to utter a single word, but he also understood that Charles was telling the truth. Archer knew that he too had been very rude to him.

After a small pause, he responded, "Charles, I have to admit that I was wrong. I shouldn't have schemed against you with Anthony. But, I..."

Sheryl furrowed her eyebrows as she heard Anthony's name. Charles told her to stay here so she obeyed. But now that she found Anthony was also involved in this matter, she glanced at Archer. Unexpectedly, when she looked up, Sheryl found Judith staring at her. She was looking at her intently, her eyes filled with anger.

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