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   Chapter 724 Holley’s Dissension

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"Miss Ye!" With more than a subtle hint of guilt, while trying to sound as convincing as she could, Sue interrupted Holley before she could continue speaking. "I do not see any reason that you would have to even ask me that question. Like I said, Anthony and I are just friends."

Feeling her patience began to fade, Holley continued, "Sue, who do you think you're kidding?! You really can't continue telling that lie. I mean you can try to tell other people that crap, but you have to at least be honest with yourself!" Awaiting her response, Holley glanced expectantly at Sue, before she continued speaking. "Listen, I know very well that you expected Anthony to arrive in stead of me. The moment you saw me, you became really disappointed, right?"

With a look of shock, Sue let out a cold smile and snapped, "Not even close to being believable! Oh, my goodness! Definitely not!" Sue glanced at Holley and it could clearly be seen that as much as she tried to hide it, she was very excited. So to continue to redirect the conversation she was trying to avoid, she said, "Now, the fact that you decided to grace me with your presence is what comes as a pleasant surprise to me."

However, with all the lengths she was going to avoid the obvious, Holley could see very clearly that Sue was dancing around the matter at hand. Especially, when over on one side of the room, she saw the pair of slippers that were obviously reserved for a man.

Thus, Sue was rendered speechless and had to admit her questionable relationship with Anthony, as the pair of slippers marked a clear romantic connection between the two of them.

Sue therefore reluctantly acknowledged her partiality toward Anthony.

And she forced a smile at the reality of Anthony's preference to Sheryl, who was living opposite to her house.

At that moment, Holley's face lit up and she said, "Oh! That's exactly why I came by to talk to you."

Sue was a bit confused by Holley's sudden excitement. "Wha

ttom of the facts." Sue frowned and continued, "Anthony did not talk to me about Sheryl's betraying him. So I am afraid that there's no reason to..."

"How foolish you are!" Holley looked at Sue helplessly and said, "Anthony is man of morals with a humble spirit. He would have no intention to embarrass himself or her by making Sheryl's betrayal public!"

Holley, after going back and forth about it, finally suggested that Sue do something proper and fitting for the matter at hand.

Then she rose up to take her leave.

Sue was then left with her own thoughts, despairingly torn by indecision and uncertainty.

As Holley walked out of Sue's house, she bumped into Sheryl who was about to go out. Since having the meeting with Laura, Sheryl hadn't been in the best of moods. Upon seeing Sheryl depressed and unhappy, Charles granted her an indefinite period of leave to get herself back on track. After having spent one day in leisure and laziness at home, Sheryl decided to go out for a change.

"Miss Ye, what are you doing here?" Sheryl asked Holley, looking a bit confused and puzzled.

Holley smiled mischievously and replied that she came to visit Sue, getting an update on her condition, since she had a spare moment.

"Really?" Sheryl smiled curtly and asked Holley, "How is Sue feeling now?"

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