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   Chapter 723 Shopping

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Anthony was stunned silent. A subtle smirk crept up Sue's face as she moved to leave Anthony behind where he stood.

Albeit hesitantly, Anthony found himself grabbing her arm. "Sue, just wait here, ok? I'll go buy them for you."

Before Sue could stop him, he was already walking away.

Given Sue's injured foot, he felt it his responsibility to take care of this for her. 'I just have to buy some necessities. I can do that, can't I?' he told himself.

'Besides, the supermarket would be pretty dead by then, ' he thought.

Luckily for Anthony, there was one nearby.

As uncertain as he was, Anthony managed to look for something properly arrayed over the shelves he needed casually.

But another problem awaited him. The rows were filled with all kinds of napkins.

He stood there for a while, contemplating on the products — for all-day and all-night, some with wings and some without wings. 'What does that even mean?' Anthony, being the calculating man he was, decided to get one of every kind — a safety measure.

It took him everything to push down the redness creeping up his face as he heard a couple young girls snickering behind him.

'I'm a grown man, for goodness' sake, I can manage to buy some damn sanitary napkins on my own, ' he thought to himself, quite strongly.

The woman at the cashier was a tad uncertain as she was beeping the items in. "Sir… are you sure you're getting all of them?"

"Yes!" he almost squeaked. "Just please speed it up if you can," he added more properly. He couldn't help tapping his foot incessantly.

"Sir, are those for your girlfriend?" He heard from behind him. He stared at the two girls. "Those are too many for your girlfriend," one of them suggested.

"Oh, really?" A

p yourself," Sue offered instead.

The two exchanged a smile. "How did you end up like that anyway?" Holley glanced at Sue's wounded ankle and inquired of how Sue had hurt her foot.

"It just happened," she sighed. "Blame my carelessness."

"You'd better take care of yourself Sue. You can never be too careful with your feet — your know your job demands them."

"Fine. Your words actually make sense, Miss Ye." Sue replied in defeat as she glanced at Holley. Sue stayed composed, but there was a slight tug in her gut. Something told her Holley's sympathy was part of some other motive.

Her suspicion arose further when Holley asked how her progress was with Anthony. There it was. Sue didn't like the question.

She thought it useless — there would be only one answer anyway. "He still has Sheryl by his side. So that's the end of it." Sue was quiet for a moment. That was the truth and she knew it, but she couldn't get rid of a certain feeling in her heart that might have resembled hope.

"Sue, you know you can talk to me, right?" Holley's face looked eager to help. A little too eager, Sue thought. "I'm here, you know that? For anything."

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