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   Chapter 722 What Do You Want To Buy

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Updated: 2019-03-17 13:25

Anthony kept teasing Junia all the way down, making her so annoyed she couldn't help fantasizing about strangling him and impatient for them to reach their destination.

After going down from Southern City Mountain, Anthony took Junia and Laura to visit the grotto. After a scrumptious dinner, Laura excused herself, saying she was tired and wanted to get some rest. In reality, she just wanted to give the two of them the opportunity to spend some time alone.

The chemistry between Anthony and Junia was undeniable, so she decided it was time to take her leave.

"Let me give you a ride, Mom." Anthony got up and rushed to his mother's side.

"It's okay darling, don't worry about me," Laura quickly interrupted. "The hotel isn't far from me, I could use a walk for some fresh air."

She smiled and continued, "I'm not as energetic as you youngsters. Give Junia a nice tour around town and make sure she gets home safe. Okay?"

"Aunt Laura, don't worry about me." Although Laura had told Junia about her plan in advance, she still didn't feel good about it. She continued, "I don't feel like going anywhere else this evening. I saw a cinema on the way here, so perhaps I'll go and catch a movie. Anthony can send you back, I'll be fine on my own."

"No, no, there's no need." Laura glanced at Anthony and said, "Actually, going to the cinema sounds like a good idea. Anthony, why don't you join her for a movie?"

"No really, it's fine," Junia protested with a shy smile. "I prefer to go alone."

Anthony remembered his previous mistake and decided to watch a movie with her to make up for it, an apology through actions. He told Laura, "Mom, please take care. I'll go catch a movie with Junia. Call me when you've reached the room safely, okay?"

Junia's and Laura's faces both lit up with happy smiles when they heard Anthony's words.

At the cinema, Anthony asked Junia which move she wanted to watch. Junia picked a romanic movie and Anthony offered to buy the tickets.

Before he could even turn around to join the ticket queue, Junia grabbed Anthony's arm. "Will you... Are you planning to... leave me alone like last time? If you are, please just tell me now, I really don't mind watching alone."

"Junia, I told you that was a mistake I will never repeat again and I meant it. Will you please let it go?" He added, "Don't worry,

just be honest with me. Why are you out?"

The unsmiling expression on Anthony's convinced Sue that there was no escape from the situation and she finally admitted, "Oh come on, lighten up a little! I just wanted to go and buy something."

"Buy something?" Anthony asked sarcastically, "And what might that something be?"

"Sanitary pads!" she blurted out. "Are you happy now?!" Sue's voice went up in volume out of shame and embarrassment.

She hadn't intended to say anything, but Anthony had kept pushing and pushing and even threatened her, leaving her with no choice but to tell the truth.

Anthony was stunned into silence.

He had thought that he had prepared everything for Sue, giving her no reason at all to have to leave the house. But he had forgotten that Sue was a girl and required extra provisions. The tables had turned and now he was the one turning red with embarrassment.

"Well, are you satisfied with my answer?" Sue asked angrily. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get to the shop before it closes."

"Why didn't you just call me and ask for help? Don't you have my phone number?" Anthony creased his brows and asked Sue, genuinely puzzled.

"What's the use of calling you for this? How can you help?" She forced her face into a neutral expression, trying to hide the embarrassment and awkwardness she felt. She loved Anthony, but having to tell him that she was on her period made her feel like hiding in her blanket and never coming out.

She looked into his eyes and asked, "Would you really buy them for me if I call you up?"

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