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   Chapter 721 Junia’s Wishful Thinking

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Anthony was a little surprised to see Junia come over to them. He said, "There was no need for you to come here on your own. I told you I would pick you up at the hotel."

"I did not sleep as well as I do at home as this is a new place. I decided to come over here with some breakfast that I picked up from nearby. Please join me for breakfast, Anthony." Junia motioned Anthony to share the breakfast.

Anthony felt somewhat sorry for her and said, "It is very kind of you to do this for us. But do not trouble yourself like this anymore."

Junia stared at Anthony and said, "Such courtesy is not needed between us as we are good friends."

After Junia set the table, Laura woke up. Anthony marveled at Junia's unstinting devotion. She took care of their every need including providing them with daily necessities.

"Anthony, go ahead and complete the discharge formalities. I am feeling well enough now," Laura urged Anthony after having breakfast.

Anthony nodded and went to complete the discharge procedure. Laura suggested to Junia some scenic spots in Y City that would be worthy of a visit.

"It sounds good." Junia smiled in agreement.

After leaving the hospital, the three went directly to Southern City Mountain to enjoy the extraordinary and soothing scenery. It had a panoramic view at the summit.

"How long will it take to reach the summit?" Junia asked Anthony at the foothill.

"We will reach the summit in approximately two hours if we go at a good speed," Anthony replied calmly and gently.

"Two hours?" Laura exclaimed and found the time and efforts required to reach there beyond her endurance.

"I am definitely too old to reach the summit," Laura collapsed onto a stone step and complained to Anthony.

"Since it is so far let us drop tha

mber but..." Junia's voice trailed and she succumbed to Anthony's cold jest.

Supported by Anthony, Junia somehow found it in herself to reach the summit. The stunning panoramic view lifted her spirits and justified the long and tiring climb.

"Look, this is the path that led us to this summit."

"Look, is that the hotel I am staying in?" Junia excitely pointed towards various directions of the city with growing pleasure.

"Definitely," Anthony smiled indulgently as he replied.

After a tour of the summit, Junia found herself before the wishing tree as if possessed.

Actually, Junia believed in the supernatural power of the wishing tree.

"Young girl, buy a red rope. Tie it and you will meet the man of your dreams." The vendor urged Junia to buy a rope and to write down her name and her beloved's name together for receiving the heavenly help.

"Junia, there is no harm in buying one! Try it, and I am sure it will work." Anthony edged toward Junia and tempted her into buying one.

"Okay, okay, leave me alone. I will buy one," Junia asked Anthony to move aside and bought a red rope. She recorded Anthony's name and hers and hung it around the wishing tree.

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