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   Chapter 720 An Apology

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Anthony laughed bitterly. Though his eyes were seething with anger and resentment, he still spoke in a low voice, "Yes, you're right. I wasn't man enough to defend her! At that time, I knew she needed me the most, but what did I do? I let her down. I should've said something. She was terribly hurt, and she looked helpless." He shook his head in total disgust, feeling dejected.

"I broke her heart. And I think she would absolutely hate me now," he added. Anthony was regretful. His voice was cracking with emotions. He despised himself for having been such a coward.

"Anthony, please don't be so hard on yourself." Junia gingerly reached out her hand to pat him consolingly on the shoulder. It took her time to utter those words; she feared that he might detect the underlying concern behind them. "Under that awkward situation, Sheryl also had to regard Aunt Laura's feelings, considering that the things between you and Sheryl were so complicated. And I didn't see anything wrong in the way you acted. It's only natural for you, as a son, to also care about how your mother would feel," Junia continued.

Junia paused for a moment and gazed at Anthony's face, still etched with worry. "I believe Sheryl is an understanding and a reasonable person. You can talk with her later about this. Trust me, she will understand and forgive you," she added.

"Really?" Anthony had managed to croak after some time. He sounded still skeptical, but he seemed to have found hope from Junia's words. He tilted his head to cast a glance at Junia as if seeing her for the first time. He studied her, and he suddenly realized that she was less disturbing than how she used to be. Soon, his heart felt better. He was at ease. The corners of his mouth then slightly turned up, he raised his eyebrows and tentatively asked her, "You really believe that she will forgive me?"

Junia was openly staring at him that she was able to catch up on the eager expression spreading slowly on his face. She suddenly felt uncomfortable. She immediately calmed herself. She gave him a gentle smile and said, "Of course I do. I'm sure she will forgive you."

When Anthony heard Junia's reassuring words, the trace of bitterness in his face had disappeared. And it was immediately replaced with relief. He was feeling better now. He continued to look at her in a different light. He may found it inexplicable, but he was truly grateful for her.

Junia hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to say. Then a sudden thought occurred in her mind. 'He just got a better impression about me, I should grab this chance.' Then Junia added softly, "But, Anthony, there's something I need to remind you."

"What is it?" he replied instinctively, snapping out of his musings. Anthony couldn't hide his annoyance and he slightly frowned after hearing the underlying tone of warning. He immediately straightened himself up in his seat as if he was bracing himself to take the blow. Cursing himself mentally, he tried to calm down the feeling of restlessness that was slowly gripping his heart again. He then threw her a questioning look prodding her to go on.

Junia deliberately put on a know

And I know Y City very well. You don't have to worry at all. I am quite familiar with every nook and cranny of this city and that makes me eligible to be your perfect guide."

"Wouldn't it bother you?" Junia seemed to be reluctant.

"Not at all," Anthony answered. "I plan to take my mother for a visit in Y city after she gets out of hospital tomorrow. You can just come along. So, it's settled then. I'll pick you up tomorrow."

"All right, then." Junia smiled. "Let me give you my thanks in advance."

He watched Junia closely as she alighted herself from his car. And after seeing her retreating figure enter the hotel, Anthony drove away. He initially wanted to go back to the hospital, but for some reason, he drove directly to Sheryl's place. The light of her apartment was still on. Anthony silently stayed in the car, wrapped in his own thoughts. When the lights went off, he then hastily put out the last cigarette on his hand. Only then did he notice, that he had almost smoked a couple of packs of his cigarettes. He started his car and drove back to the hospital.

As soon as he stepped into the room, he heard Laura saying, "What took you so long? I've called Junia, and she said she arrived at the hotel a few hours ago. Why did you come back so late?" she snorted.

Realizing that Anthony refused to respond, Laura frowned and said, "Did you go to that bitch's place again?"

"Mom, aren't you tired?" he said dismissively as he approached her. Anthony ignored her questioning glare and in a weary tone, he prompted, "Please go to bed early. We will go out tomorrow."

Laura kept nagging, hoping she could extract an answer. But after noticing the slight annoyance in Anthony's gentle face, she refrained herself.

Anthony quickly made his way towards the side of the room and lay on the couch, wanting to get some sleep. Restless as he was, he didn't get a night of decent sleep the whole night.

On the following morning, Anthony showered and changed his clothes. He decided to buy breakfast for his mother. Heading towards the door, he saw Junia standing at the doorway.

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