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   Chapter 717 Keep Me As A Mistress

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"Are my words wrong?" Laura said with a sarcastic smile, "If you could do such an shameful thing, you deserve my terrible words."

Through it all, Anthony merely stood by the side without saying a word.

He knew that Laura was wrong in this matter. He was the one who knew best why Sheryl had lost her memory.

But he didn't know why he did not feel like supporting Sheryl.

Sheryl smiled wryly and was about to say something. But Charles suddenly seized Sheryl's arm and stopped her words.

Charles smiled gently and stepped forward in front of Sheryl. Staring at his broad and firm back, Sheryl was overwhelmed by a sense of security.

This security was what Anthony never gave her.

"Please don't meddle in the affairs between me and Sheryl." Charles told Laura grimly, "I know best what kind of person Sheryl is. Your son couldn't hold onto her, because he is useless. You shouldn't blame anyone."

"Mr. Lu, please don't say such things any more." Sheryl was extremely shocked by Charles' words and paused for a long time. Then she hastily tugged Charles' coat tail and said helplessly, "Let us just go, please."

"Just wait for a few minutes more, Sheryl." Charles held his head high. This was the woman he loved most. How could he allow her to be humiliated to such an extent?

Charles had to get justice for her.

"Today I want you all to know that I love Sheryl. I would like to take care of her for the rest of my life. If I hear any of you speak ill of her, I will teach you all a lesson you will never forget. I give you my word." Charles cast a cold glance at Laura and continued, "Sheryl treats you with the respect because you are her elder, but I will do nothing of that sort. You also remember my words. If I hear you defame Shirley again, I will make sure you are never able to leave Y City."

Shirley was his and Sheryl's child. Charles would not tolerate Laura talking disparagingly about his daughter.

"Are you threatening me?" Laura smiled sardonically and said to Charles, "You think I will be sca

? Am I a silly girl who can still be charmed with honeyed words?"

"All I said to you is true." Charles eagerly promised Sheryl, "I swear, I will protect you forever."

"Come on, Charles." She smiled sarcastically and continued, "Everyone knows that you will get married to Judith Jiang. So what would you do with me? Will you buy a house for me and keep me in it as your mistress? I am sorry, I am not that kind of woman."

"Are you envious of Judith?" On seeing Sheryl's angry expression, Charles smiled charmingly and said, "I promise you, I won't get married to anyone but you. In my heart there is place only for you."

He looked keenly at Sheryl and continued his confession, "I will not force you to give me an answer now. I just want to tell you that no matter what decision you make, I will always be there for you. What's more, whether you agree or disagree, I will not give up pursuing you."

He gulped and licked his lips after finishing his long speech. Instantly Sheryl's face turned red.

She thought of the kiss between them. It was different from the one in the mountain resort.

As she had gone through so many things in the past one day, she had not found the time to think about it carefully. Now, the thought flashed through her mind again and she realized that she didn't hate his love but liked it and looked forward to it.

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