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   Chapter 715 Sheryl's Unusual Relationship With Charles

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"Sheryl, have you secretly fallen in love with this man?" Anthony inquired of Sheryl with anger.

Sheryl got restless as she heard Anthony's words. She didn't know her own true feelings for Charles either.

"Anthony, calm down. I can explain to you..." Sheryl tried her best to pacify Anthony, but he was overcome by rage and refused to listen to her.

He flashed her a cold smile and said, "Sheryl, move aside. If you still consider me your boyfriend, you will do as I say."

Anthony was very jealous when he saw Sheryl stand in front of Charles to protect him.

"Sher, move aside," Charles said in a soft tone. He wiped the blood on his mouth with the back of his hand. He was radiating controlled anger, though his voice and actions were calm.

Sheryl turned to Charles and snapped at him, "You better leave right now. Don't cause more trouble."

Charles felt pleased because he realized that Sheryl was worried about him and protecting him from being hurt.

He smiled and assured Sheryl, "Don't worry. Nothing will happen to me. I won't get injured."

With his arms around her shoulder he took her aside and told her, "Just stay here and don't move. This is a matter between Anthony and me. It's time to resolve it now."

The two men had fought each other for Sheryl countless times. Now they again began fighting violently. Both of them were strong and used their fists to land blows on each other. Sheryl was worried about Charles when she saw Anthony hit him hard on the back.

Although Charles had told her to stay out of this, she couldn't just stand and watch them fighting. She shouted at them, "Stop! Stop! Both of you!"

Her words fell on deaf ears and made no impact. Their hatred for each other was at its peak and manifesting in the fight.

Anthony warned Charles, "Charles Lu, you better stay away from Sheryl, otherwise I will beat you up so badly that you will not recognize your own face!"

"I have already told you that Sheryl is mine. I will never leave her for

hardships together. Finally now we can get married soon. If you choose to go with him now, I will take that as a signal of our fading relationship."

Then he looked into Sheryl's eyes with affection and added, "Sher, I know my mother has said many offensive words to you. But you know they do not represent my opinion about you. So please, don't listen to Charles' words."

With the two men gripping either hand, she was caught in a dilemma. She didn't want to make a choice between them. She just wished to go home right now, fall asleep and forget everything that had happened today.

At this moment, Laura walked up and slapped Sheryl on her cheek.

Laura had observed them silently all this time. She was sophisticated and wise enough to understand that Sheryl's relationship with Charles was unusual. This could be the only reason to cause her obedient son to fight in a public place.

Laura was angry with Sheryl. She thought that Sheryl was lucky enough to have Anthony's love. That she should be involved with another man, was too shameful.

So she slapped Sheryl with all her strength. Sheryl's face became red and started swelling immediately.

"Bitch! You are seducing other men when you are in a relationship with my son. How can you to be so shameless and cheat on my son?" Laura scolded Sheryl in a cold tone.

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