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   Chapter 714 A Bully Kiss

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Laura glanced at Sheryl who was sitting in front of her and continued, "In my opinion, being accepted into our family is enough for you. If you and Anthony really want to have a future together, I hope you agree to send your child away. You and Anthony will have your own children in the future. I do not want..."

"Mom!" When Anthony heard Laura's words, he was furious. He stood up and angrily glared at Laura. He said, "How can you say such a thing. Don't you think you are going too far and expecting too much?"

"Too much?" Laura sneered and said, "What do you know about too much? What I have done is all for you! You chose such a woman to be your life partner. What will you do when you have your babies? All that I have done is to think about your future happiness. Why could you not fall in love with an innocent and pure girl?"

"Mom, Shirley is a daughter to both Sheryl and me. Whatever Sheryl says, I will not agree to send her away under any circumstances." Anthony knew very well that Shirley was Sheryl's life. Laura suggesting to send Shirley away would surely drive Sheryl crazy.

"I can clearly see you are out of your mind. This woman has bewitched you completely," Laura said with a sneer. "Shirley is Sheryl's child from another man. How can she be your daughter? When you and Sheryl have your own babies, will you treat Shirley as your own child? It's better to clear things now itself, so as to avoid bitterness in the future."

"Mom, you are not trying to solve problems, but to create further problems," Anthony said with a sneer.

Laura sat stone faced and said to Anthony, "What are you talking about? Is this how you talk to your elders?"

"Sorry," Anthony muttered. Sheryl felt uncomfortable when she heard Laura's words. She found the atmosphere there extremely depressing. She felt she was likely to explode if she stayed there any longer. She just wanted to escape and leave the place.

Sheryl stood up and told them, "I am going to the restroom

stunned. Charles ended the kiss before she could push him away. Looking at Sheryl who had a high colour, Charles felt better all of the sudden.

"Are you crazy?" Sheryl wiped her lips that now tasted of Charles with the back of her hands. She was experiencing many sensations which just flooded through her being and left her feeling euphoric and confused.

She should have been angry, but somehow she just wasn't.

Charles watched Sheryl keenly and said, "So you meet another man's parents without my knowing about it?"

"Charles, you bastard! How dare you!" Before Sheryl could reply, Anthony's voice came from behind her. He rushed to Charles and punched him hard.

He had come out to check if she was fine. Little did he think that he would see her and Charles kissing passionately.

Honestly, he didn't dare to come forward until the kiss was over. The heat of their passion had scorched him from afar.

Seeing Anthony get ready to punch Charles again, Sheryl was startled. She instinctively stood in front of Charles and said to him, "Anthony, don't be so rash and impulsive. Things are not what they seem like to you."

"What are they like then? Should I not believe my own eyes?" Anthony sneered and asked coldly. His heart was broken. Seeing her standing in front of Charles confirmed his worst fears.

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