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   Chapter 713 Who Is Your Child's Father

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"Oh?" Laura exclaimed. Then she asked again with a smile, "Where is your child's father?'

When they heard Laura's offensive question, both Anthony and Sheryl's faces hardened. With knitted brows, Anthony said to Laura in an upset voice, "What's wrong with you? How could you ask her such a question?"

"What's up?" Laura innocently asked. "Can't I ask her about the child's father?" Laura smiled ironically and said to Anthony bitterly, "I am your mother. Since you have already decided on your own to be with this woman, am I not allowed to know what kind of person she is and why she wants to be with you?"

She stared at Anthony and continued, "What's more, now that she agrees to be with you, she should already prepare herself to meet such kind of question from other people one day. She should also not mind it, right?"

Then she turned to Sheryl's direction and asked her, "Sheryl, you won't mind, will you?"

"No, Aunt Laura, I don't mind," Sheryl replied helplessly. Sheryl knew inside that Laura was deliberately provoking her. After all, Laura didn't really want her to be with Anthony. Although on the surface Laura came here to see her, the fact was, Laura merely wanted to humiliate her to the point that she would give up on Anthony.

As everyone knew, she was a single mother. How could she be worthy of Anthony?

"Mom..." Anthony furrowed his brows. He didn't mind Laura's previous questions. However, this time her question was very humiliating. Even a fool would understand her ulterior motive. He narrowed his eyes and said, "I don't think it's necessary for you to ask such question. I've already told you everything you want to know before. What do you really want to imply by asking this?"

"Anthony!" Laura's face went red and her voice trembled. She glanced grimly at Anthony and said indignantly, "If you still want me to allow your relationship with Sheryl, you better shut up your mouth from now on."

"I..." Anthony wanted to say something. However, Sheryl stopped him, "Anthony, it's okay."

From the first time she saw Junia, Sheryl already knew that Laura would never agree to her relationship with Anthony. It was obviously not as easy as

and continued, "I lost all my memories three years ago so I really can't remember who is my daughter's father. I can't even remember anything that happened three years ago.

As for your question whether my daughter's father will show up or not, I also don't know the answer. I honestly haven't seen him for three years. Since the first day that I lost my memory, it has been Anthony who accompanied me. That's why for Shirley and me, Anthony is a very special person."

'Even if Anthony will not become my husband, he will still be my closest friend, ' Sheryl thought to herself.

Hearing Sheryl's words, Anthony smiled delightedly. He felt satisfied that all the efforts he made for Sheryl were worthwhile.

"Oh really?" Laura smiled sarcastically. "Based on your words, do you also think the same way with Anthony? Are you also willing to take Anthony as your daughter's father?"

Sheryl furrowed her brows slightly and said to Laura, "Aunt Laura, what do you mean by that?"

"Nothing. I am just curious." Laura intently looked at Sheryl. Sheryl looked pretty and fair. She was also always respectful to others. It seemed that she was born in a decent family. She must also be well-educated. But what upset Laura was her stubbornness which could also be seen from her eyes.

Laura had given birth to Anthony so she knew what was best for him. Anthony should find a sensible woman. Not someone like Sheryl who was definitely not fit to her son.

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