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   Chapter 712 Laura Is Hard To Please

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She had been giving Sheryl hard times, yet Sheryl had always endured everything with a smile and dealt with her patiently. She was a tough woman so she can bear any hardships. No wonder Anthony was so crazy about her.

Thus, Laura felt that since Sheryl was very tactful, she would be a very big challenge for her.

Meanwhile, Charles had also arrived at the restaurant with Judith. As they entered, he caught sight of Sheryl. Since he was afraid that Sheryl might see him, he did his best to hide himself.

Charles observed Sheryl very well. When he saw which private room she went in, he immediately cancelled the private room that Judith reserved and requested to have a table along the lobby which was opposite to Sheryl's private room.

This way, he could easily know what was happening in there.

"Charles, try these braised shrimps. They're really good," Judith urged him. She shelled some shrimps and put them into his bowl. Then she started to complain, "Why did you have to cancel the room I reserved for us and exchanged it for this table? We can't even have a good talk in this open space."

Charles just frowned. He put the bowl of shelled shrimps away and just ignored Judith.

However, Judith was not affected by his rudeness at all. She just didn't mind him and continued, "Actually, there is an important reason why I invited you for a dinner tonight. I talked to my dad and we both agreed that it's best to hold our engagement party during the Mid-Autumn Festival next month. It's perfect because it's also a Sunday. I also want to have it here in this restaurant. Hong Fu Restaurant has been operating for decades now and has earned a very good reputation." "By the way, I need the list of your guests so dad and I can prepare the invitations," she added.

"What?" Charles suddenly exclaimed. Finally, Judith had said something that could make him react. "What did you say?" he repeated.

"Why? What's the problem?" Seeing his look turn stern, Judith got lost at once. "We'll get engaged anyway. It won't hurt if we make it earlier, right?" she said. "Alright, it's our fault to pick the date without consulting to you but..." Judith looked at him in the eyes. Then she continued, "I only want our special day to be

as she going to face all the laughing and teasing that would follow?

Judith was left with rage. On the other hand, Charles became quiet. He focused his attention to the private room opposite their table. His eyes were fixed on the door while suppressing the urge to break in and drag Sheryl out.

However, inside the room, Laura kept on ignoring Sheryl. She didn't even say a word to her. Anthony got a little upset when he noticed it. So after the waitress finished taking their orders, he patted his mother's hand and said in a low voice, "Mom, please be nice please. Say something."

"Be patient!" Laura replied with a sneer. She also knew that it was inappropriate to remain silent in this situation. However, she was just waiting for the right timing.

After a while, she turned to Sheryl and commented, "Sheryl, you seem to be very quiet. Is the food okay with you?"

"Yes," Sheryl replied, stunned. She didn't expect that Laura would talk to her so she was taken aback. But when she came back to her senses, she hurriedly added, "Yes, the food is good. Don't worry about me. I hope you enjoy it, too."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that. Yes, I'm enjoying the food as well." Laura smiled at Sheryl before she asked, "Anthony told me you already have a daughter. Is that true?"

"Yes, that's right," she nodded slightly. She thought that Laura only deserved to know the truth. Besides, it was something that she should not be ashamed of. So she added, "She is three years old now."

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