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   Chapter 711 Is There Anything Wrong

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Sheryl reluctantly accepted Laura's order. She was exhausted from carrying two large suitcases for Laura, but Laura tried to give her more to carry. "Junia, come here. Give your suitcase to Miss Xia. She will carry it for you," she told Junia.

Junia nodded in agreement and said to Sheryl, "Thank you, Miss Xia."

Looking at the three suitcases, Sheryl didn't know how to deal with them.

Waiting beside the car with Laura, Anthony frowned slightly as he noticed Sheryl was in trouble. "Mom, wait a minute. I'll help Sher," he said to his mother.

"No, you can't go!" Laura commanded him seriously. "If you dare help her, I will not like it!" she warned.

Anthony arched a brow in puzzlement. "Mom, why do you treat her like this? How can she carry so many suitcases by herself? She has done nothing wrong, so why are you punishing her in this way? Clearly, you are just... troubling her on purpose," he said.

"I am troubling her? Really!" Laura gave a cold smile and told Anthony, "Yes, you are right. I am causing trouble for her, so what?"

Then she glanced swiftly at Anthony and said, "She is just a shameful single mother. Her child was born out of wedlock and she has stolen my son. So why should I be friendly with her?"

"Don't say such harsh words, mom." Anthony said with a frown, "Sher is not the kind of woman you think her to be. You will know it after you get to know her better."

"Okay. I will try to know more about her." Laura sneered and said to Anthony, "I want to see what kind of a person she is. I caused trouble for her only to test her obedience and patience with me. If you help her at this point, the test will become invalid and a failure."

"Mom, what do you mean? You are doing all this just to test her?" Anthony asked his mother in surprise.

"Of course." Laura flashed a cool look at Anthony and said, "What did you think my intention was? Did you really think I was troubling her just for the sake of it. How could you think of me, your mother, in this way?"

"No, I didn't mean that," he explained. Anthony felt reassured as he heard Laura's words. He requested Laura, "Mom, please don't go too far with your test. Show some mercy."

"Okay. Don't worry. I know my limi

te it, ' she convinced herself.

Laura kept Anthony engaged in conversation on random topics. Meanwhile, Junia carefully inspected Sheryl and found Sheryl to be very beautiful without any signs of being a mother.

Laura had caused so much trouble for her and humiliated her deliberately, but she didn't show any discontent. Junia could tell that Sheryl was a kind woman and very tolerant also.

'No wonder Anthony loves her so much, ' Junia thought.

Sheryl could sense that someone was closely scrutinizing her. She looked up and met Junia's eyes inspecting her.

Junia flashed a smile at her and she also smiled back out of politeness. Both of them kept silent.

Sheryl guessed that this girl was here for a purpose.

"Mom, let's start our dinner now. I will order the waiter to serve our food. I am starving!" Anthony suggested.

"Okay," Laura replied. She gave him a smile and said, "Place the order and tell the waiter to serve the meal swiftly. I'm hungry now."

"Sure Mom. Please eat as much as you like and relish the food," Anthony said with a smile. "This restaurant is famous in Y City for its fantastic cuisine. It is difficult to get a table here. The bookings get full very soon."

"Oh, really. I'm going to enjoy myself then. I love to try new dishes and restaurants." Laura gave a fake smile.

She didn't care about the food or the restaurant. Her only purpose of coming here was to tear Anthony and Sheryl apart and to cause tension between them.

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