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   Chapter 710 Meet With Anthony's Mother

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 10015

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Shirley was watching cartoon while Nancy was folding clothes. Suddenly her phone rang. Nancy quietly walked out of the room and gently closed the door behind her. She walked to the other end of the balcony before she answered the call. It was Charles on the other side. Nancy told him the story between Sheryl and Anthony in detail. Hearing the entire thing, Charles felt relieved. Now he was finally clear about it.

"Do you know why Sheryl asked for a leave today?" Charles asked Nancy.

Nancy thought for a while and said, "I heard something when they quarreled with each other yesterday. I heard that Anthony's mother would come here today, so I think Sheryl is going to pick her up today."

Charles's face turned solemn as he heard this from Nancy. As soon as he hung up the phone, he rushed out of his office to find Sheryl. He opened the door and took a few steps before he was stopped by Judith.

"Mr. Lu, I am sorry. I couldn't stop her," David spoke helplessly as he stood right behind her. "She insisted on coming in. I could do nothing to stop her," added David with a sigh.

"Okay, I get it. Go back to your work. I will handle this," Charles replied gesturing his hands indicating David to leave. And then just as David had turned back, he called him again and said, "David, wait. Go and check out if Anthony has ordered dinner at any restaurant today. Try to find out as soon as possible."

David took his instruction and took a while before saying, "Okay, I will check it right now." He hastened towards his seat to follow Charles' order while his head was spinning around. There were countless restaurants in Y City and Charles just asked him to find the restaurant where Anthony had booked a table as if it were just a file lying on his table. David felt so helpless as he had to dredge for a needle in the sea.

"Charles." Judith called him in a soft voice. Judith had just turned twenty-three. She was arrogant and had her head always up in the space. Although there were men who admired and pursued her, she never paid any heed towards them. She had her eyes fixed on Charles. Though Charles had a son, he was much more brilliant than other men who sought her attention.

She stood in front of Charles and said, "Are you free tonight? I have made reservation at Hong Fu Restaurant. Let's have a meal together." After finishing her sentence, Judith looked into Charles' eyes and waited for his reply with great expectation.

"Judith, you see that I am busy. I don't have time to act the giddy goat with you," replied Charles in a polite yet cold voice. He glared at Judith without any mood swings. Charles just wanted purchase Archer Jiang's company, but he didn't expect that Archer Jiang would want his daughter to get married to him. Although Charles had refused Judith for several times, she just refused to give up. And then there were rumors about them which was really unnerving for Charles.

Charles was irritated and felt unpleased to be get involved

ed into a tight frown.

"What happened son? Have you forgotten your own mother in just a matter of few days?" joked Laura as she patted on her son's shoulder. She stepped forward with a big smile eyeing Sheryl from the corner of her eyes as she looked lovingly at her son.

"Hello, mom," Anthony greeted Laura with a hug. He then looked around and asked, "Where is my dad? Why are you here alone?"

"Your father is busy with his work, so I came here with Junia," replied Laura with an all-knowing smile. She held Junia's hands cheerfully, staring at Anthony. Anthony's face became a little somber at this gesture of his mom.

Junia stood in front of Anthony and greeted indifferently, "Hello, Anthony."

Anthony shared a glance at her and turned towards his mother. "Mom, let me introduce Sheryl to you." Anthony held Sheryl's hand and brought her in front of Laura. "This is Sheryl Xia, my girlfriend."

Then he turned to Sheryl and said, "Sheryl, this is my mom, Laura Ding."

"Nice to meet you, Aunt Laura," Sheryl greeted Laura with a smile. However, Laura didn't even spare a glance at Sheryl. She kept looking at Anthony and said, "I am hungry. Let's go. The food in the airport tasted so terrible. I am famished."

Laura interrupted Sheryl's words directly as if she didn't want to talk to her. Laura's indifferent attitude towards Sheryl was so prominent that neither Sheryl nor Anthony could ignore it. Sheryl looked at Anthony with a puzzled face as Anthony had reassured her earlier that his parents were willing to meet her.

Both Sheryl and Anthony could not help but feel awkward. He took a look at his mother and said, "Well, let's go. I have made a reservation at Hong Fu Restaurant."

Sheryl took a few steps and stood at a distance. Anthony walked to Sheryl and held her hands so as to give her comfort. And just as he was about to console Sheryl, Laura stepped up again. "Sheryl, could you please take my luggage for me? I have something to talk to my son."

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