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   Chapter 709 You Should Ask For A Leave

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"You..." After hearing Anthony's words, Sheryl completely gaped at him.

Staring at Anthony, she felt he was so strange. Was the person in front of her now still the same Anthony that she used to know?

"So..." Sheryl was at a loss for words. Eventually, she asked in disbelief, "Are you getting even with me now?"

"Whatever you think," Anthony said. He then waved his hand impatiently to Sheryl. "Let me just remind you that what I have done was just a drop in the ocean compared to what you have done. So, if you want to break up with me with such an excuse, I am sorry but I can't accept it," Anthony said to Sheryl with a shrug.

Sheryl smiled wryly after hearing Anthony's words. She couldn't figure out why Anthony suddenly became like this. She even didn't know how to rebut.

All she could do was only smile bitterly. "Anthony, you have really changed," Sheryl said in a faint voice.

"Everybody changes," Anthony countered. He fastened his eyes on Sheryl and inquired, "Dare you say that you have never changed?" He arched a brow and continued, "Sheryl, I can swear that I don't have any relationship with Sue. But, how about you? Can you swear that you don't have an affair with Charles?"

If it was before yesterday, Sheryl could definitely say no.

However, because of that accidental kiss, she couldn't be that assertive anymore. She cast a glance at Anthony and just said helplessly, "I don't want to argue about this with you."

"It is not that you don't want to. You really dare not to." Anthony smiled sarcastically. Then he added grimly, "Sheryl, whatever you may be thinking right now, I want to remind you again that my mother will come tomorrow. If you still haven't changed at all, then I hope we can still pick her up together tomorrow." Anthony didn't want to cancel it anymore since he had planned this meeting for such a long time.

Finally, Laura agreed to see Sheryl. He truly didn't want to miss this opportunity. "I honestly still want to be together with you. I will wait for you at 3:00 PM tomorrow. If you still want to be with me, you should ask for a leave."

Sheryl remained silent. She was overwhelmed by mixed emotions. She only wanted to go home quickly.

When Sheryl arrived home, she sat on the sofa for a long time. Nancy noticed

"Maybe," David answered faintly. "By the way, Mr. Lu, the HR Department reported that Miss Xia has asked for a leave this afternoon."

Charles had specially instructed that all news about Sheryl must be reported to him. No wonder the HR Department immediately reported it without any delay.

"Did you ask the reason?"

"Yes, I did. She said it's a private matter. Since the HR Department knew your relationship with her, they just approved her leave." After reporting about Sheryl, David said, "I'll go out for now if there's nothing else."

Charles just waved his hand to David. With knitted brows, he kept on thinking what could be a possible reason for Sheryl to ask for a leave. When he couldn't come up with anything, he decided to call Sheryl. During that time, Sheryl had just boarded Anthony's car so she directly rang off.

"Charles?" Anthony laughed sardonically. "He is so shameless to still follow around you."

Sheryl said nothing and just ignored Anthony's sarcastic remarks.

Whatever happened between her and Anthony, Laura was still her elder. That was why she should go and see her. This was the real reason why she asked for a leave.

As for not answering Charles' call, she just didn't know what to say to him. And she also didn't want to argue with Anthony again.

Anthony just smiled ironically and then focused on driving.

The second time that Charles called, Sheryl turned off her cellphone. This angered Charles more. He decided to call Nancy, hoping to know something from her.

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