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   Chapter 708 Ridiculous

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As soon as she wanted to say something, Anthony, who was standing on the side, opened the door. Sheryl was standing at the door. She did not show any surprise or dismay on seeing Anthony in the house.

"Oh, it's Sheryl. Come in," said Sue immediately putting on a smiling face. Sheryl came in but still stood near the door. Sue demanded, "Why have you suddenly come here?"

Sue and Sheryl were not getting along too well these days. Sue wondered why Sheryl had suddenly come over. She thought that Sheryl was not surprised to see Anthony there, indicating that she knew Anthony was there. She told herself that Sheryl had deliberately come to confirm herself of his presence.

"Oh… Anthony, you are also here," Sheryl said. Sheryl glanced at him indifferently. She spoke in a calm voice, as if it were very normal for him to be there.

As his girlfriend, Sheryl didn't think about questioning him about this.

"Come in." Anthony made way to let her in. He asked her, "Have you eaten yet? Do you want to eat something if you are hungry? Join us at the table."

"No, thanks," said Sheryl. She turned to Sue and said, "Yesterday you didn't come to the farm, so Mr. Lu asked me to bring you some fresh fruits and vegetables."

"Really? I can't believe Mr. Lu would be so considerate as to think about me. Thank him so much on my behalf." Sue smiled faintly and said, "Have a seat, Sheryl. My foot was injured, so I can't move around too much to fetch some refreshments for you. Please feel at home."

Sue mentioned her foot deliberately so that Sheryl would notice it. On seeing her swollen ankle, Sheryl frowned a bit and said, "No wonder you didn't come to the farm. How did you sprain your foot so badly? It looks serious."

"It's all right now." Sue smiled as she talked to her, "My doctor said that it's not a big deal. If I rest for two more days I will recover and be fine."

"That's good to know." Sheryl nodded slightly. Seeing that they were eating, she said, "Well then, I should go now. I do not want to interrupt your meal."

"Sheryl…" On seeing Anthony just standing there and saying n

ss. She thought that she needed some time to figure out what to do.

After she had said this, she turned and wanted to go back to her house. Anthony suddenly shouted in her direction, "Do you mean to say that you wish to break up with me?"

Sheryl was in a daze. What did he say? Break up? She had never thought about that. She only thought that her life was in a mess recently, so she needed some time to sort it out.

She turned back to look at him and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Isn't it what you want?" Anthony mocked, "You said all that just because you wanted to break up with me, didn't you?"

He sneered and talked to her, "Sheryl, I came here just to look after Sue. You can't make such a big fuss over it."

"Don't you understand why I was so mad at you?" Sheryl smiled bitterly. Anthony haDn't been like this earlier. But obviously he had changed a lot now. She talked to him, "I am your girlfriend, so I have the right to know what happens. At least you could tell me what you were planning to do."

Anthony sneered, "Sheryl, before you reproach me, you should remind yourself of your own earlier actions. When you and Shirley went to live in Charles' house, did you even remember that you have a boyfriend and that you were answerable to him? Did you ever think about me then? Don't you think it is ridiculous to question me about this now? You have behaved in worse ways than I."

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