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   Chapter 706 Fickle Women

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After what happened last night, those models were now aware that Sheryl held a special place in Charles' heart. So, they all started to crowd around her to butter her up.

"Oh dear Sheryl, you've got an awfully glossy skin. How do you usually take care of it?" said one of the models.

"Yeah. And look at your figure. No one would think that you've already given birth," added another.

"Sheryl, it was all because of Kitty. She drove a wedge between us. But don't worry, we are all friends now. Well then, could you put in some good words for us to Mr. Lu?" Another model was not able to hide their real motive anymore.

"Yeah, that's right," another model agreed.

Sheryl couldn't deal with such flattery but she still smiled politely.

'They are a group of fickle women. They can easily change according to circumstances. They don't really mean any words they say at all, ' she thought.

Sheryl remembered the time when Chris visited their rehearsal. These models acted the same then. They haD also said the same words to her.

Sheryl hesitated for a few seconds before she replied to them, "Guys, Mr. Lu and I are just friends. Regarding what happened last night, Mr. Lu just did his job and it has nothing to do with me."

She continued with a smile, "If it happened to anyone of you, Mr. Lu will definitely do the same."

"Come on. There's no need to stand on ceremony," one of the models said. She stepped forward and held Sheryl's hand intimately. Sheryl remembered this model. She was the one who took the lead in saying that she wanted to continue working in Charles' company. Her name seemed to be Rita Ding.

"We all know your relationship with Mr. Lu. But don't worry, we are all your friends now so we will never talk nonsense about it," Rita Ding added while still holding Sheryl's arm. "You are so cool, Sheryl. You already have an excellent boyfriend beside you. All of us saw him too. He is a very gentle and a caring man. Now, Mr. Lu is also fascinated by you. How did you do that?"

Rita Ding looked curiously at Sheryl

ghts and the pettitoe that was used as a cold compress to Sue's swollen ankle was already stewed and was eaten by Sue.

Anthony even claimed that it was a dietary therapy for Sue to eat the pig's trotter to heal her injury. Sue was pissed off by this idea.

Since today was the day of Sheryl's return from the hiking trip, Sue began to urge Anthony to leave early in the morning.

"You've already stayed here long enough. It's time for you to go home, isn't it?" Sue looked at Anthony in displeasure. She sighed and continued, "I've almost fully recovered. I suppose you should leave soon."

Actually, Sue was only thinking about Anthony. She didn't want Anthony to be misunderstood again. After all, he was still Sheryl's boyfriend. If Sheryl saw him here, it would be difficult for him to explain again.

However, Anthony replied in a cool voice while cleaning up the room, "No need to hurry. You can't even get out of the bed. I will only leave if you can already manage to do everything by yourself."

"Hey, you're really..." Sue paused and frowned. "I told you already, I'm fine now. Why would you still stay here? Do you..." Sue was not sure if she should really ask. "Do you have a crush on me?" Eventually, she said it.

"You wish," Anthony replied shortly. He cast a glance at her and added sulkily, "No worries, I will leave as soon as you recover."

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